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Hands In the Dirt!

21 May

Oh what a glorious day! Sun is shining and the temperature is perfect! This year my husband and I have really been concentrating on our yard and garden! We live in the city and fortunately we have a pretty decent sized back yard. It makes it great for the kids, they can run and play, and so can the dog.

This year more than most years I have come to appreciate being outdoors. I was always an indoor person, always busy doing something to either organized, clean or improve the house. Now, I am beginning to love the outdoors.  I don’t mean going in the bush to hunt a rabbit or anything, just play around in the yard or work on the looks of the outside of the house. So far this year I have put in a strawberry garden, moved my hostas, hung flower baskets and painted the fence in the backyard and the front porch. Yesterday I hung up some more hanging baskets and lanterns for the fron! I came in the house afterwards and showed him my big girly muscles! ha ha! He was making supper.. not sure how he felt about this, but the porch looked good and dinner was great…. both winners!

I love to sit outside and blow bubbles for the kids, they run around like crazy seeing how far the bubbles will go, or just trying to catch a bubble! They ride their bikes up and down the street and play with the rest of the neighbourhood kids. You know, my neighbourhood has really come more personal and just more friendly. We kind of do a kid rotation now…which is so nice! Always a parent to look after everyone! Nobody is ever nervous anymore about our own kids when we see the other parents outside. This lets me be an even better neighbour. I can help others on my block with different projects that they have going as well. I love to do this. I was born to help. I was born to make others happy.

Anyway, off track! So, now that my appreciation for the fresh air and sunshine is hitting an all time high for me, I am loving doing the gardening and having my hands in the dirt. Now, I am an old hat at getting down and dirty, I used to garden with my mom and have to pick weeds and plant, when we moved to the country, I had to help with taking down dead trees and planting new trees along side of the fields, still more gardening and of course the country jobs that rural teens usually have  like shucking corn, corn detasseling and I even shoveled corn with my step dad which is not fun work. I love the dirt. Especially that rich dark soil, that soil that you know the plants will just open themselves up to and blossom like you want them to.

My kids are city kids and I am trying to get them to open up to being comfortable in the dirt and grime and hard work! There is no reward if you don’t work for it! That’s what I think. I was taught that as well. My mom worked really hard at all times. I never really saw her do nothing except at night when she wasn’t working. Lead by example! It really works! I am proof!

Connecting with nature is wonderful and I look around more now and just see the creatures and plants around me. I see it now. I didn’t see it before….now I do!

Get your hands in the dirt, go for it! It just might melt all the stress that you have been carrying!