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A New Chapter

23 Aug

Over the last year and a half, I have been contemplating my purpose. My true purpose. I know I am meant to help people, I am meant to be a mother and a wife. But, am I meant to run a business? To bake for the masses? Maybe. But I am finding everyday life a struggle with so many stressers. I do have an anxiety disorder and stress is not making it any better. Over the last 2 years it has gradually made it worse. rope-frayed-stress-pressure

Now, I have this disorder, which I have to take medication for, which in turn has caused me more anxiety and depression…..not cool. Especially when I have two young children at home who looks at their parents as guides on how to act and how to live their lives, and this is not fair to them at all. To add to it, my parents are not well. My dad has just suffered through his 6th heart attack and my mother has heart problems, anxiety and blood pressure problems herself.

I had to make a choice, and I choose family. I choose health and my own peace of mind that I will have no regrets.

nextI cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life. I plan on getting a part time job somewhere and just living a simple life. Being there for my parents and my children, having a lighter feeling altogether. Maybe even taking a family vacation!

Having a business is not all bad, I love doing what I do! Using my art skills and translating it into edible works of art! How awesome is that? It’s the being the boss bit that I don’t want anymore! I am too much like everyones friend to be a hardass. I can tell you, I have been through my fair share of people taking advantage of me! Some ex employees and some customers! I have done my best!

I feel that I have helped out in small ways as well! I have donated ALOT every year to dozens of charities and events, and I have met some fabulous people as well!

Now that I have made up my mind to sell….. I want it sold! Ha Ha! I am not sure how long it will take, but I have confidence that everything will end up where it should be!

This chapter hasn’t finished yet, you will be the first to know when it does

If you are interested in buying the bakery, I have it listed on



‘Tis the Season??

29 Nov

Well, another wedding season has come and gone, and now we venture into new products! I have decided that in this business it is safest not to pigeon-hole yourself into doing just one thing. I have now expanded what we offer! Being a natural-born baker, I have decided to share with everyone all of the other yummy stuff I can make! We now make mini loaves, muffins, squares and brownies, and cookies!  We make fresh baked goodie baskets and goodie trays as well!

We have also accumulated some new staff! And with that, I have found our perfect little family! Samantha (Sam) is our new baker…..I love Sam! She is so cute and lovable, its hard not to just hug her everyday! And, she is qualified! Which is the most important! Also, I pride myself in teaching kids who take co-op at my establishment! I just hired one of my students who is from the ALC. She amazed me! She always does what is expected of her, and out of her own drive and ambition, she took the food handlers course and achieved her certificate! 18 years old at that!  I am hoping now that there will not be alot of turnaround in the staffing area for a while! I know, in this business its really hard to not get the revolving door happening, but enough already! I have my little dream team, and I want to keep it that way

As for Christmas at the little bakery! I love, love, love Christmas! I try to keep the joy going! I have a staff Christmas party every year at my home, with my family and my staff and their family! I give gifts and make dinner! It ends up being a lot of fun! And, some end up having a little too much liquid fun! But all are ensured to get home safely! I usually set up about 3 Christmas trees in my home…..which is alot, I know, especially for the little home that I do have! But, alas, there is no stopping me! ha! ha!


Sometimes Mr. Bah Humbug shows up in the form of anxiety and stress….which is usually over money! That is no fun at all! When I start thinking like this, I get really tired and grumpy, and nobody wants a grumpy cupcake lady! So, I look at my family and give thanks for having them in my life, and for helping me through everything just by saying “mommy”, or wanting a hug or a kiss, or depending on me to kiss their boo-boo! It makes it all worth it, it helps me be strong, even when I feel that I can’t anymore. And believe me, there are days!

Every year the business gets a little better, every year, I know more…its all a learning process!

This Christmas, I am out more, I am networking now, and involving myself in community functions! I joined a woman’s networking group, which is awesome, alot of the ladies are sooooo fabulous! And I did a christmas gift show last weekend. I will be at Sarnia’s winter artwalk as well! It will be fun! I hope to get the word out about my little piece of Sarnia small business!

Cheers! To good health, wonderful family, and great friends!

Just a Little Cake Magic!

19 Sep

There are all sorts of reasons to get a cake…..and people actually make up reasons for cakes! The ones I like the most are ones like this one on the left. This was a wedding style cake made for a proposal! This was the most fun cake to make simply because of the reason it was made! I wish I had been there when the cake was brought out and he asked her to marry him!

The magic of cake!

And, the most magical cakes, don’t always have to be the most extravagent looking ones, it is the reason for the cake that makes them special. It’s kind of like the saying, it’s the thought that counts. I truly believe that! I love the look on a person’s face when they see the cake that we have done for them, and they truly love it! It makes me proud and ecstatic that the recipient is happy. It kind of puts me in a euphoric state, and I think “this is exactly why I am here!”

Even though, I make all cakes for all occassions, it really is fun to make some cakes more than others. I love to make little baby cakes. The accessories that go on them, and they all end up super cute. It reminds me of the days when my boys were just little babies, and I miss those days! Making baby bums out of cake and teddy bears out of fondant really put me in a place that makes me happy, and then the customer is happy with the little bits of cuteness on the cake! I love baby shower cakes. Diaper bags, baby bums, teddy bears etc. all of the cakes make me happy.But then, when I see a baby, I want to cry, I miss having one! Those little tiny lips! The little kissable feet! Ah!

And then there are cupcakes! Cupcakes are fun! Anything can be done with cupcakes! Fondant accents can be put on them, they can be smoothed down and piped, they can be made into a whole cake and kids love them! There arent too many adults that don’t love a good cupcake as well!

And, at Bake Me A Cake we have over 40 flavours to choose from! The possibilities are endless! It’s so fun having my job!

I get to make people happy and feed them yummy cake! Life is sweet! Ha! Ha!

At a later date, I am going to post some awesome birthday cakes that we have done here at the shop!

Stay sweet!