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First Light

3 Aug

When faced with darkness, I was frightened.  The more scared I got, the longer the darkness prevailed, it became my shawl, my comfort, my shroud. At the deepest depths of the darkness, I shunned the light, I was frightened of the hope that the light represented. Only when I realized that the darkness was of my own creation, it was no longer a comfortable misery.

A stream of light flickered in my consciousness. My inner battle had begun and I had become determined to stand and battle my own darkness.

I made up my mind. Through some reading, listening and self realization, I learned that the light which I craved now had always been there. It had always been here. HERE. Right here, within me. A simple thought change can open up the true world, full of love and positivity, happiness, joy and inner peace.

I have found the road.

I have work to do still. I battle my own thoughts every day. I am rewiring myself. Self improvement everyday. Trying to accept my own mistakes and not holding on to the past. Creating my own day for what I see in it. To suffer is to be human, to have joy and peace and to learn from every experience is something a little different.

We are all the same, we are all different. No one is better than anyone else.

I have seen my first ray of light to walk this path, my journey is set and I hope to enlighten all of my surroundings as well as my path so I may enjoy every single thing every single day.