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Peace Starts Now

14 May

f5f14abb10a9270f648413a424a2a9fbI have briefly told you of the recent changes that I have gone through. It feels so good to be me! It all started when I started reading a book called The Tibetan Art of Living. Right away the things the author was telling me were so simple yet I never thought of them on my own. How easy it is to be at peace in your mind and body and soul. I had already done all of the nasty bits and saw everything I had suffered through and really looked at it all purely and honestly… I thought.

Once I let go, once I realized a few things….then the real truth came. I am now different yet the same. I have the same heart, which is full of love, compassionate and open to everyone, but I am different because things like words and actions and behaviors of others do not penetrate the radiance of my heart and in that, there is peace.

Attachment is the cause of all suffering. I have learned to detach. It may seem cold to say, but really it is not. Attachment for me is mostly expectations. If I hold no expectations then I can never be upset or disappointed. I do not expect anyone to love me as I love them, I do not expect a present on my birthday, I do not expect anyone to call me back when I call them. There is no pain or suffering when I don’t expect things of others, or of things. It is to say that I cannot change things or people. I cannot wish for others to think as I think or act as I act. When thinking of, say, an addict, I do not judge as others may urge me to. This “addict” is a person, he has a name, he has a past a present and a future. He has made decisions for himself, it is not for me to decide whether the way he lives is good or bad, it just IS. On the same note, I shall not dare to judge or treat others differently because of their current situation or look or mood and demeanor, everyone deserves kindness, love and respect enough for others to just let them be who they are.  There is no harm in kindness. There is harm in attachment. The only harm in attachment is harm of ourselves. This is a self inflicted pain, always.

I am letting you in on my state of mind. My peace and my reasoning and thought process.

It feels so wonderful to be able to stay unattached in a state of crisis or in a situation of grief etc. My husband and I are on the same path, the same enlightened state and we are both so calm now when encountering a crisis. We have realized that we cannot change anything, we feel our feelings and we don’t hold onto them or let them control us. We feel and let go. Of course we are always there for anyone who needs us, but we don’t hold onto pain any longer.

This is so calming, it feels like I can appreciate the life I have as I live it. I enjoy every moment. Even doing laundry. Yes, me….enjoying laundry. Laundry means that I have loved ones surrounding me, that we have clothing, we have water, that I have motion in my body and that we are clean. Laundry means so much more than a chore that has to be done. I see the truth.

With my enlightened state of being, I also enjoy and make time for myself. I enjoy alone time. I can look at myself and smile. I feel and look younger, I feel and look healthier. I am rarely overwhelmed and I am never anxious. As you can see in these two pictures of me, one taken last year and one taken today, much in and about me has changed. I don’t force a smile to make it look like I am happy. I still smile, but I feel more calm. With the peace, has come with self respect, and I have lost over 30 pounds in just over a month. I  no longer hiding. Start from within and it radiates. 20170514_13052220160701_214142

I have made myself a calming space of my own, a meditative space and a space where I can be alone and think and just be. 20170514_130602I go here every day now, for at least an hour.

It has made a huge change with the entire family. My life has now just begun anew with fresh eyes and an open mind and heart. Have a wonderful day all!