The Other Side

5 Nov

It has been 12 days now that I have been a stay-at-home-mom. I love it! I seriously love almost every moment of it. I have a feeling that I am making my house a home for my family, that I am really taking care of them all. I have a whole new respect for the parents out there who stay home. There is sooooooo much to do! For those of you who work full or even part time…..take it easy! You need to be there to judge!

The only time that I didn’t work was when I was on maternity leave with my oldest son. I loved it then too, but it was so different from what I am doing now.


Morley at 7 months old

Back then, I had a perfect little baby boy who I doted on, I spent most of my time no further than 6 feet away from him. I kept my house clean and did some baking, but I wasn’t as busy as I am now! I would go visit family and friends to show him off and then do some shopping. You have no idea how much time I spent just going out to stores to shop with my son just to get out of the house. I mean, when you are a first time mom, you are so proud and pleased that you are a new mom, you want everyone to see your child. I was addicted to this feeling!


Anyway, now that I have two kids and they are both in school full time, it is a whole different ball game! I have to give a big kudos to the parents out there who work full time and can keep up with a spotless house and have the laundry caught up on at all times. I don’t know what kind of energy you have, but it must be ALOT!!

busy_momBeing home now, I have no idea how I got anything at home done when I was working! I know for a fact that the housework was lacking and I was always behind on laundry. I wanted to make quick and easy meals for supper because I was so damned tired all the time, and this has something to do with the amount I worked and the anxiety/depression bullshit.  Now that I have time and energy to get things done, I feel like I am always still so behind! It is a never ending circle! I decided when I closed the shop that I would do a deep down clean in every room of my house. Well….I have gotten one done! I want to work on the other rooms, but little things have to be done, and they become big things! Like today for example, it was my laundry day. I started the day by putting in a load of wash and one in the dryer, then I went to the gym, my oldest has swimming lessons and I can get my daily exercise in at the same time. After that I had to pick up my youngest son from a sleepover. Go home, make lunch for the kiddies, have a bite myself, put away laundry, move some furniture in my bedroom, hang up a curtain, fold some clothes, do the dishes, put the dishes away, tidy up the Tupperware containers, put in another load of laundry. Then I see that my closet with all the sheets is a giant freaking mess. A cluster of sheets pushed into a shelf, where half of the sheets are unfolded and half hanging off the shelf. Oh My!!!! Hello….who in the hell did this? I can tell you there is only two people who fold and put away sheets! I guess it was us! Damn. I take out all of the linens from the closet and refold everything. I put the sheet sets together and stuff them into a pillow case from that set. Now, everything is neat and tidy. No rooting through anything. I really hope it stays this way! In the meantime, the kids are upstairs fighting like usual and not cleaning their room like usual. I have to let them know what has to be done and threaten them with grounding or early bedtimes to get them to actually move their little tushies into gear! This actually takes half the day for them to listen. By the time the laundry is folded, I put away my husband and I’s clothes, then I need to start supper. Supper? Yes, yes, this time thing really sneaks up on you! I want to be healthy and for my family to be healthy and we are already vegetarian, so I want to make home made things that aren’t pre packaged. This has everything to do with my Holistic Nutritionist, who also happens to be my husband! So, I decide to try to make falafels and a nice Bruschetta pasta (thanks Sara, it was awesome!) This has to be timed perfectly because my husband gets home at 6:37 pm every night. The kids are starving by then and this is when we can eat as a family. Luckily, everyone loved supper. Which, is a huge issue when dealing with the little ones. Make something new and hope for the best!

After supper, I clean the table, do the dishes, put the dishes away, clean the stove and counter, sweep the floor and spot wash the drips on the floor. Bath the children, put another load of laundry in and bring out some to fold. The first time I sat down since folding laundry is when I started writing! When the kiddies go to bed, I fold more laundry and have a tea. I do research on meals, getting new recipes and making plans in my head for what to do tomorrow.

workingWhew! What a busy day! I love it to bits. I love this life, it fulfills me right now. I am super busy but I want to add more into it, like doing the banking and budgeting our home and making things so we don’t have to buy so much. I am inspired.

This, is how things are on the Other Side. We don’t sit on the couch all day and do nothing. We aren’t Peggy Bundy. We are the makers of our homes. We are caregivers, cooks, maids, handymen/women, personal shoppers and so so so much more.worth


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