Let’s Leave it at that

24 Oct

Well, chickens! Today is a really really messed up day! I have decided to close the bakery!20130806_105613 I just locked the doors and left. Now, tomorrow I will be calling customers to let them know that I cannot make their orders, but yes, we are done. I thought long and hard about this move for the last year or so, and I had planned to close in December anyways. I have had the shop listed on kijiji for the last 3 months. I know it takes longer than 3 months to sell a business, but the opportunity came at me in a rush. When something happens, I believe it was meant to happen. What we see in it, is up to us. The closing of this book, means that I can open another one. I am diving in! I kind of feel weird right now, like my body is reacting too quickly for my brain. My insides are mush and I have this…something vibrating around in my belly. My head is saying….omg!!! Now, I have to make tons of phone calls and I have to deal with the CRA bullshit….gah, I can’t wait until that is over with! No more payroll taxes! YAY!!

I am scared, happy, petrified, excited, anxious, dry mouthed, cold, foggy, worried, numb….and more. I have no words to describe this at all. Except….whaaa? 20131122_100138

I put something¬† into my bucket list! I have owned and run a successful business. Check…done. Next? Get another job and spend some real time with my family. Get paid! I get to work for someone else and get paid for it! No more working for myself and not getting paid! Yippee! Owning your own business is not all its cracked up to be. There is a lot that people don’t show. Like working 70-80 hours in a week. Not getting paid. Having to manage everyone at all times. Making sure you think of EVERYTHING. Whew….I have had enough of all of that! I even acquired a job for my manager at another place already! Bam! In one day, I have to tell her I don’t have a job for her, and then I tell her I found her a job! How awesome is that?

I loved doing what I do, I just couldn’t handle the never ending pressure. Especially with the numbers!AMY LOOKING SUPER HOT Ugh….they made me pull my hair out! Hated it! That made me develop the anxiety, I’m certain of it! Ha Ha!!! The weight hasn’t left my shoulders yet, but it will. There is so much I have to do to be officially closed! I have to call all of my service providers…..its like moving. ugh.

Now, I have to either sell the shop or sell all of the things in it. Wow….wow….wow.

This is what I wanted. Maybe not quite so sudden, but things happen, and when they do, you just roll with it, let’s just leave it at that.img_8705



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