On the Sunny Side

24 Feb

I know, I know, yesterday was not a very good day. It rained down memories and pain. Today is different, as is every day. After my purge of feelings, I went to my bed and took a nap. I stayed in bed for a while until it was time to get the kids home from school. My husband left to go get them, and this is when it kicked me in the ass. “Get the hell up”, my brain said to me. So, I got up and had a shower and then my attitude changed. I started feeling lighter, not so weighed down by those traumas that occured early in my life. The clouds parted and I could see the sunlight. That light was my children. I could not wait until they came home. And they greeted me with smiles and hugs and cuddles! Just what I needed!

My  kids pulled me out of my funk. They always do. They are my brighter side, they are the reason that I am here on this earth. I was meant to be a mother, and there is not a day in my life that I do not think that! This was my calling, my purpose. They will do great things. They are my faith, the air I breathe, my happiness and my reflection. I have done something good. I believe that our children are a reflection of their parents. We have done something right.

Even though I have bad days, I never once lose sight of all of the good things in my life. I do know that I have a loving family, good friends, a wonderful husband, faithful fur babies and I am forever grateful. I have a roof over my head, I have clothes on my back. My parents are there for me when I  need them and there is always someone around that I can hug. I have a wonderful business with terrific customers, who almost always end up being friends. I have strength.

All of these things give me strength.

The sun shines, not every day is cloudy.

Anxiety  is not to be taken lightly. Some days are better than others. But just know, that no matter how much of a bad day I am having, I never ever lose sight of the sunny side of things. Every day that I have who I have, I am blessed. Every day that I have a friend or a family member show that they are listening, or reading in this case, I am blessed.

I might be a bit emotional, I might say what I think and not hold back, but I don’t hold back on the bad or the good. This has to be helping with others. There has to be others out there who are reading about this bat shit crazy woman that understand and find it comforting that they are not alone in their feelings.

I have purpose. All of this is for something. To what end, I do not know. I just know that I can help, with my words, the fact that I have no filter whatsoever….well….that’s just my nature!

Things get better. They always do.

If you are in the dark, it just means that you will see the sunshine better when it comes.


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