Be careful! It will catch up to you someday!

10 Feb

We all know this saying, ” it will catch up with you someday”. And, for the most part, it is quite true! Whether we are talking about eating that tub of ice cream, or whether we treat someone badly. Some of it is fate and karma, and the other is just the science of it. I believe that this is also true with something a little more close to the heart.

Everything that we experience, every person we meet and interaction we have can change us. If it is a good interaction, then we smile as we remember it, or we have that warm feeling in our cheeks when we think of the compliment someone gave us, or if someone brags to us about how good the meal we cooked was to them.

Things that we remember and hold onto, or can recall in an instant, these things effected us in some way in order to have feelings attached to the memory. Now, what if we have bad experiences or a bad memory? How do we feel when we think of it? What is your first thought when recalling how your ex used to hit you? How do you feel when you think of the way that your father would call you names? How about the kids that used to tease you in school? Everyone has a bad memory. In fact, we can hold on to the bad memories better than holding onto the good ones for some reason. Our reactions and feelings when it comes to the bad, seem to cling to us. And, yes, it will catch up to us all.

With joy and elation, there are no consequences. There is only happiness. This will only cause more happiness and maybe want to make us make others happy.

With pain and sorrow or regret and shame, there are consequences, and they only result in bad things if they are not taken care of. Good can come out of bad, I am not saying that, but our brains and hearts need time and thoughts and cared for in order to heal.

If, you break your leg, you go to the hospital and get it set and get a cast, if you have a fever, you take medicine or take care of it in another way. You don’t leave those things and just think that everything is going to be fine. You take care of it.

The same should be thought of with emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can have very adverse effects if not taken care of, like an open wound that has begun to fester. We all need treatment and care. None of us are above any of it.

People who see therapists are not crazy, they are very smart, they are proactive with their mental health. People who take medication for emotional problems are also not crazy, they are taking care of the problem. We all have a weakness, we all have demons and none of us are perfect.

I am fine with the fact that I take anti-anxiety medication. I just told everyone! I felt better after a week of taking them! There is no shame in getting what you need when you need it, well….. as long as it doesn’t hurt and only helps!

There are all sorts of causes for mental anguish, and some people have a lower or higher tolerance for things. Just try to know yourself in this regard. Try to see if you are harbouring feelings about something that happened to you. Don’t hold on to it for long, it will catch up to you and show itself in another way in your life. Don’t feel like you don’t want to admit that you have problems, everybody does. Don’t put your feelings on the same scale as anyone else’s either, we are all different. We feel things differently.

It’s okay to take care of your mental health. It is very important. Not everyone might need therapy, but everyone needs someone to talk to. A shoulder to cry on.

Take care of it…… it will catch up to you!


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