Today is a new day!

9 Feb

We all deal with trials and tribulation, with elation and celebration, with down and outs and ups and ins, in that, we are all one. Like it says everywhere nowadays “everyone has a story”. And TODAY, is a new day.sunny

It’s a day to open my eyes and see the pain that others have had. It’s a day to see the struggle in the girl who can’t stand to be touched. It’s the day for loving your neighbour, and it’s the day to forgive yourself.

Life is short, and I know, it is brought to our attention on a daily basis just how short life is. We see it in our newspaper, of the young teacher who is brought down by two people who thought it was a good idea to take her life. We see it in the news, of the utter chaos and lives of families taken in the thousands. We know, and we know it well, that life is short. We never expect it to happen to us. But we are those stories that we read, we are the news broadcasts. That is us. We are here together. We are all neighbours, we are all sharing the rock.

We all have our burdens that we bear, we all have a job to go to and bills to pay and everyday stress, we have mothers and fathers and family to talk to or worry about and pets to feed and walk and find. We all have friends that need support and driveways to shovel. It’s a neverending battle of human life. But this is what we have. We have life. We have today. It was not taken from us yet. We have this glorious and brand new day. Today, we can feel better. Today, we can smile at the neighbour that is strange. We can think about what the stranger has gone through before judging them. Yes, their hair is greasy, and yes, their shirt is dirty. Maybe, just maybe, that person is depressed and having a very bad day, maybe that person did everything that they could to tear themselves from their cocoon of a bed to face the day. Maybe that person needs a warm smile and a nice gesture to know that not all humanity is going to beat them.

Maybe, today is the day to be the person that you think you should have been. It is that day. It is never too late. Say the ” I love you”s, open a door for someone, leave the quarter in the shopping cart, and leave the change at the cashier to help pay for some of the groceries of the next person in line.

Why do we think that we are so important and then brush off other people’s problems? Why? We might think that it doesn’t effect us. Oh, but it does.

I try to instill this into my children all of the time. Everything that we do and say effects someone else. Always. Our words are heard and our actions are seen. What do we want to say to the people around us that watch and listen? It takes effort. It really does. To open your eyes and see the area that we all share. It takes practice and patience. Take it one step at a time. Today, don’t raise your voice at your kids, or don’t judge that person because their pants are too tight. Just go about your day and remember that everyone is an individual and does things their own way. This world would be pretty boring if we all did things the way that you like.

So stop, and think about it.

Today is a new day. Today we have another chance to be “that” person. The best “me” that I can be. The person that you want to be.

Today is a Brand New Day. Take a chance, and give day


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