Oh Yes! Mother of the Year…..

19 Aug

Those of you with children might understand this completely, and other mothers might not get it. There are some people with a crazy super power when it comes to dealing with children, it’s an ability that others wish they had all the time……its called…..Patience! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have an amount of patience, but there is a limit, and my children find it all the time! Maybe it is just the summer time, when they complain that they are bored, or it could just be my kids! My oldest son is always begging to do something different or go somewhere different, or just not go home once we have gone out somewhere. He always wants more and what he has is never good enough. I am not sure where this behaviour stemmed from, but it sure wasn’t my hubby and I! I know, it could be that his mind works crazy fast and he always needs stimulation to his brain….. but I cannot function like that!

I have no idea what to keep him busy with! They have a certain amount of chores (which I have not made them do in the last 2 months) and he has piano and swim. I started making them both do homework sheets again, hopefully this will calm him down a little, and get them ready to go back to school! I need to plan and get things ready for him to do to stay busy. Maybe I should make a jar of things to do when he says he is bored! That would solve things! I could put chores and fun things to do in the jar, so it will be more enticing to try his luck! I just might do that!

So, for the beginning of the day, I get up and leave the house to go to work before anyone is awake. I don’t see my kids all day until I get home from work. All day I am thinking of my kids and what we can do, or what I can keep them busy with, or just how to spend the night with them, maybe movies and popcorn, maybe a walk…etc. What happens when I get home is not what was in my head all day. I get home and my hubby yells “Mom’s home!”, my youngest son is usually the one to come running to say hi to me, give me a hug and a kiss. The oldest is somewhere doing something, or some of the time he comes to the door and without saying hi, just starts complaining what daddy wouldn’t let him do, or what his brother did to him, or he is asking me for something. Ugh! I just wanted a nice hello, maybe a hug when I get home. But, I don’t even have my shoes off and it starts already!

I talk to my husband for a little bit before dinner and he is usually telling me about the trying day with the kids, or about some news or something that happened at work last night. We have dinner. Morley (8) is complaining about the supper and asking what is for dessert already, Adam (6) is not eating properly, his chair is all askew and he has his entire dinner on his lap or on his face….anywhere other than where it should be. Morley is trying to make deals on how much he should eat in order to get a popsicle and Adam is telling us how much he does not want to eat at all. Morley complains, Adam complains. Morley gets out of his chair to get water, or to get a cloth or to look at the temperature outside……. I have had enough! This is when it all hits me. I just want to sit down and have a nice dinner with my family before my husband goes to work and I have to clean up and make sure the kids don’t kill each other for the rest of the night.

I feel like I am clinging to sanity by one little thread. And, I don’t lose it on them completely, I let them know that they need to act appropriately and to appreciate what they do have and not keep on wanting more. I can only repeat things so many times though.

It’s hot, we don’t have any air conditioning at home right now and my oldest son is a furnace. When he wants something or when he feels blue, or even when he is happy, he wants hugs and cuddles…. I am a Big woman! I am a furnace already and adding heat to the fire is even worse. I feel terrible when I have to tell him to get off of me. He pouts and sulks and I feel terrible of course!

Some days I feel like I just can’t win. I want to have so much fun and quality time with my kids, playing with them and teaching, exploring with them, but it never ends up that way. We do have days of fun, where everyone is happy and there are minimal fights and disciplines, but I wish it would happen more often!

I always feel like I could be a better mother, I never feel completely happy with my parenting at the end of each day. I always think about what more I could have done, or how much more patience I should have had, or that certain chores could have waited so I could pay attention to them. I hope I am not the only one who feels like this! As soon as I became a mother, I felt guilty for everything! I guess it will never go away!

So, Cheers to all the mothers like myself! Mothers of the Year, all of us, who think at every moment that we could be doing better, striving to become the perfect parent for our children!


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