It’s Hot in the Kitchen

18 Aug

Summer is great! People are a little more carefree, kids are playing outside, barbecues are happening and vacations are had! There are definitely more birthday parties to make cakes for! People are getting dozens of cupcakes at a time for parties, and it’s great for all of us, it gives my employees more hours and we have a good flow of traffic in the shop. BUT…….

It’s HOT! It’s really hot. Last year we had air conditioning. Well….some thieves took care of that situation. You know, you really can’t leave an air conditioner in the window without nailing down the window to the air conditioner….yep….someone will crank it out of the window and there they have it….an entrance! BOO I say, BOO! So, now that I have learned a very expensive lesson, we no longer have the cool refreshing air in the kitchen any longer.

I am usually okay with it, I haven’t had air conditioning in my shop since I started doing cakes, so there is not really any change there at all. We cope and do things differently. I end up periodically buying popsicles for my employees and I urge them to take more breaks….. they never listen!

We had a cool day last week and I loved it! The breeze drifts in the windows and screen doors….oh, it’s heavenly! It makes me want autumn to get here pronto. I love autumn, the summer is not my friend. I am a bigger woman, and I have lots of insulation already, adding heat to it, only makes me feel like I am melting from the inside out.

In any case, we are still here, we still make beautiful cakes for our customers and they are getting more fun all of the time. We just made a cake that looked like the evil clown Pennywise from IT! I love those ones! The cakes that put me in a zone! I don’t feel the heat as much! ha ha!

Well….. time to check the cupcakes!


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