Skinned Knees

7 Aug

Do you know what it’s like to stub your toe? Of course…. everyone has done it. Now, think about doing that everyday for a month! Well, that is what my son is going through right now. I don’t know whether his feet are growing or his legs are getting longer, but he is clumsy as all get out right now, the poor guy!

I think in the last 2 weeks he has skinned his knee, he fell up the stairs, he fell  face first into a brick pillar and he took a nose dive into the gravel driveway! He is usually pretty good about falling and hurting himself, he dusts himself off and gets up like a brave little guy, but the face into the pillar, that cry was explosive! It wasn’t the regular whiny cry that lets you know that your child is hurt, this was the burst out wailing kind of cry. His face looked so terrible, it brought tears to my eyes. Right on his cheek, and just missed his eye. Lucky little dude, it didn’t go as far as his eye.

I do think that it is going to get worse before it gets better. There are going to be plenty of cuts, scrapes and bruises from both of them! It’s just starting! Nevermind the injuries that they inflict on each other!

I kind of remember being a kid and growing quickly, I had pains in my chins and by the time I hit grade 4 I had size 8 shoes and was taller than the teacher. Since then, I am quite and average height, but I am sure that my mother was kind of scared for a while! My family is rather tall in stature. My tallest cousin is 7′ tall…. I’m thinking….man, I hope my kids aren’t that tall. It really sucks to find clothes for tall people. Pants are always too short and shirts tend to be wider the bigger that you get. So, you get a shirt that fits in length, but not the width.

Well, right now, I better go buy some more band aids and ice packs for the pending injuries to come! It’s time for growth, and yes, there is pain! I feel for my little guys, and I have to keep in mind that I can’t catch them for every fall, but I can kiss the boo boos!


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