6 Aug

I’m tired of being tired. My mind makes me tired and sometimes I don’t know how to turn it off. It causes stress and anxiety and distracts me from the things that really matter.

Rest, I need to rest my mind, to ease up on the thoughts running through my head, which make me hold my breath and clench my jaw tight.

Love and understanding is what I have with my children and my husband. I will fight through, I will get past all of this and find my peaceful place, the place that I used to be before the stress. I will be fun again, I will find myself again,

I will not apologize for who I was, who I am or who I am going to be. My life is my voyage, others join my ride, but nobody can stay for the whole trip.

I will learn to stop judging myself so harshly. Not everyone in the world will like me, agree with me, talk to me or think that I am beautiful, Not everyone is worth my time, and I am not worth everyone’s time as well.

The world is a large place, the earth is a tiny part of the milky way, which is a tiny part of the entire space around us. Not everything is a big deal, and if I think it is, it is just me.

I go through struggles in life just like everyone else, the depth of our struggles is relative.

Everything is relative.

I just need to live my life how I see fit, without hurting others, and raise my beautiful children and Love.

I’m okay.


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