The Boy

6 Jul

My boys are now 6 and 8! The time really goes by too quickly when you are a parent! Although, sometimes you just wish they could do things on their own. I am torn at all times! I love the ages of my kids right now. They are so cool! They have conversations with me that are coherent! They are constantly absorbing information! I love it! But I love babies too! What I would give to have them as babies again! Oh! To fall asleep on my chest again! The smell of a baby….hmmm…. but alas, I am done having babies! Boo!

But, anyhow, I love my kids the age they are. They are so fun, they are  beginning to become more independent which has a freeing feeling for me. They can buckle their own seat belts, which might not seem like a big deal, but it really is! I can get the groceries in the vehicle, and get in and go. I don’t have to go to both sides of the car to buckle them in, I don’t even have to open the van doors for them. I don’t have to put their shoes on for them or wipe their bums. If you think about all of the little things that a mom or dad has to do for their children in the first 6 years of their life…. not having to buckle a seat belt is a HUGE win every time! Ha ha!

If you have children you will understand that your kids are always better behaved with someone who is not their parents. My oldest is great with everyone. He has his issues with not listening or blaming people for things and generally being bossy, but he is fantastic as well. He is always eager to help and learn and watch. He helps everyone around our neighbourhood now too. I think he watched me a little bit in regards to that…. I just can’t help myself! I offer to help everyone pretty much. It’s something that is in my personality. My mother is like that too….to a point. Man, I remember when I was a kid, everyone came to the house and mom would help everyone in every way that she could. “Cheri can help”, ” Cheri knows how to do that, she can help you out”. And she usually did. And, with me and the kids, she still does it. I recently had a phone conversation with someone who deals with numbers on a regular basis. They were getting very angry with me because I did not understand completely what I had to do, and I was upset and finally told her to put it in a nicer way. Well, in my frustration, I told my mother what transpired, and she proceeded to call this person because it made her mad. Mama bear on the loose! Watch out! And, you know, it feels nice that I am an adult and my mother still feels the need to protect me and stand up when I have been treated unfairly. My  mom is the best!

I can only hope to be half the woman she is. And I hope my sons become twice what I am. I hope they listen to me, and follow the positive direction that I am laying out for them for their future, but I want them to surpass what I have done. We always want better for our kids.

Morley, my oldest has been giving a little more back talk than normal as of late, but his sense of humour has gone through the roof as well! The funniest kid! He talks like he is 40 years old sometimes and he has no filter! He just says it as it is, which makes it all the more funny! I remember being his age and making the adults laugh at things that I would say!

Adam, is another story for another day. This one is shy, with a very big funny bone and the knowledge on when to use it! He, is the one to watch for!


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