Work? What’s That?

23 Jun

Being raised by a single mother, it was ingrained in me as a child that things don’t get done and they don’t get done right unless you do it yourself. You cannot depend on others to get things done when you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. Take pride in your work.

My mother had anywhere from 2-4 jobs at a time, and our first role models are our parents. Seeing this, I knew that I needed to work. When I was maybe 11 or 12, I started my own business with my friend of walking dogs. We took $2 for each walk that took maybe a half hour. We didn’t get many jobs, but we had some regulars… and by that, I mean one. But hey, we tried. I babysat since I was 11 or 12 and got a real job when I was 14. Of course it was a cash paid job and it really sucked. I washed dishes for a restaurant and I worked really really hard. My life as a worker bee had started and there was no turning back.

I think people might be surprised at the amount of work I did when I was in my younger years. I sometimes had 2 jobs at a time. Now, I own a business and I still work hard, harder than I have ever worked. This is harder than shoveling corn, and that is really hard and hot work.

I know what the reward of hard work is, and it isn’ t money. It is the fact that I know I am an honest and hardworking person with great work ethic and a drive. I am strong. I hire people to bake, to work, do dishes, clean, take orders, decorate etc. and they have great intentions and I take my time training people for it to totally fail. The food industry is where people come because they think that it is easy, and they quickly find out that it is not. It is a good way to weed out the people with a passion for what they do and people that want a ride. So far, I have given a lot of people a piggy back, but nobody is getting a ride! I can’t really understand people who don’t care about anything or anyone they work for. We all have to work, I get that and we all cannot do what we love, but what about doing a job well and taking pride in work?

The meaning of work ethic is: The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

You work hard, it pays off. End of story.

How did this happen that we became a society of lazy people? Now, I don’t want you to get offended. I am not meaning everyone in the general public, but a lot of them.

Lack of effort and a sense of entitlement drives me up the wall. This, is why my kids have chores! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyway, Thanks for reading!



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