What’s At the Bottom of the Cake?

8 Jun

Flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla…… etc, are the ingredients we need to bake a cake. Bake at 350 F until the middle bounces back. Take it out and let it cool. Frost and serve. There we have it! A freshly baked cake to serve and enjoy!

That is how I did it when I was younger. I didn’t even take the cake out of the pan, we just cut and served from the pan it was baked in! I used to bake a cake every now and then for my mom. She worked a lot, and I would come home from school and bake a cake for when she got home! I always felt like I had done something really good when I baked! I had achieved something that was recognized…..something I did really well.baking

When I got older, I would get together with my cousin on a day in December and we would do all of our Christmas baking, we would split everything and put it in containers and freeze until we needed them. I loved doing this. Baking with the people you love, for the people you love. There is not much better than that! My cousin and I would remind each other of our grandma while we were baking. Just talking to her, with her kids around and the smell of baking, it just felt right! I long for those times again!

Life goes on, things change, people change and now I bake alone for the bakery, but I bake with my children at home. As soon as I put on my apron, there is one of them grabbing their apron and wanting to pour the ingredients in and stir, which turns into licking the spoon afterwards! I love this! My little guys in a little apron ready to get their hands in it! It teaches them so much too! Math, first!bake All the measurements, it can be challenging for a 5 year old! And learning to follow a recipe. My boys are going to be a great catch when they are older! They will know how to cook and bake and do laundry, and put clothes away!  Anyways, you know, when you bake with the little ones, the end result tastes much better! And they have a sense of pride in what they made! Instead of the self gratifying video games, they have something physical in their hands that they can taste and tell others that they made it!

At the bakery I find the pride in everything. Having a great tasting cake, first and foremost. Then the design. Not one is the same, I try to strive at that. Some people want what I have made before, exactly though, so, we do that too. But for me, the best thing that I enjoy and find gratitude in is sculpting cakes. I love to have a cake, a knife and some frosting. Cutting and sculpting the cake into something is a great joy for me! I made a cake once look like a sea turtle, and I loved every minute of it! Finding out how to get it to look like what I want it to, deciding on how to cut it and mold it into something new. This, is where I shine!

There is a lot involved in baking and it is not all skill. A lot of it is passion and love. When you love doing something, it seems that you do it so much  better! For me, it reminds me of my family. The joyous times when we are all together and Aunt Linda makes her glorious carrot cake with a ton of cream cheese frosting on it, and when my mom makes her buttertarts with a pastry so light and flaky and the sugary goodness inside drips down your chin when you take a bite! I granremember Grandma, in the kitchen making pies and other goodies! Even when she got to be pretty on in age, she would make her own applesauce! I also remember my mother in law, hands in the bowl, fingers full of dough, in her 80’s, making the quick breads that everyone loved, and the orange shortbread!

You know, I have not come across a single person that does not have a good memory with baking, unless they weren’t around it. But everyone has a memory or a feeling about baking, or even the smell.

I know that I run a business and it is a professional work environment, but for me, it’s an extension of my home, my family, my memories. That is what is at the bottom of the cake that I make!


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