Should I?

19 May

I am thinking about writing a book. Writing about things that have happened in my life that have made me who I am. And then I was thinking about just writing a very long journal that maybe some day my kids will read and know me a little bit better. I know some people think that things are better left unsaid, but that isn’t at all true for me. I have lived how I have lived, made good decisions, made bad decisions etc. It’s the things that happened in which I had no decision that I want to focus on. I know that the world does not revolve around me, I know this, and I don’t want anyone to think that I am narcissistic, but I have had some interesting, devastating, joyous and bizarre things happen thus far into my life.

Maybe I should just write it like I was writing a book, just in my journal until I decide someday  to do so. Thanks, you made my decision so much easier! I thought that writing something for the whole world to see would hurt a few of the people who have hurt me, but I have since forgiven, and some that I have not! I know that I post alot of my over emotional feelings on the blog, and I get a lot of comments from people telling me that I am super sensitive and sappy, but seriously, who cares? I just verbalize my feelings while others keep them in. I also exaggerate at times…. if you couldn’t tell. I would be soooooooso devastated if I found out that you couldn’t tell! ha ha

I know that people enjoy reading of others lives, look at all the books that get sold! Most of them are about fictional character lives, but since I am a tiny little fish in an ocean, it would be the same as fiction, nobody would know that it was from a real person’s experience. Like being all stealth and try to get it published as fiction would make it work! Shyeah, right! My husband has been writing fiction for about 30 years and I know that getting something published (not by yourself) is so hard to do! Which leads me to the hope that I have for him to get published already! So much mail has been sent, so many replies with things said like, ” we are not accepting right now” or things like “we don’t think your work would make a good fit for us at this time”, it’s all pretty heartbreaking! Just give it a chance will ya! There is so much trash out there that has been published! I don’t get it! Maybe he should write a smut book!

I wish that we had enough money that I could support him to write. I just read a fantastic book, and in the thank yous at the back of the book, the author had thanked his in-laws for watching the kids when he holed himself in to write the book. Thanked his wife for keeping things together, and being the first editor of his book and giving input when he needed it. This would make my husband so happy! But….alas, it is not in our future! Being paid to do services for others is how we shall live the rest of our lives! As it is in life! Wow, that train of thought went on a really bendy path. Bendy…. auto correct did not underline this, it must be a word! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

Let me know what you think, only if you want I guess! Some people like to read without saying anything, which is how I am when reading other people’s things, but I won’t mind if you do! Really!

Okay, Bye for now!

P.S.   I love you Sara! I miss you!


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