Glad I’m Home

11 May

First of all, I love my life. I have a home that is comfortable, two great and wonderful children and a great husband. I surround myself with like-minded people and like to keep everything low key and easy. In my head is a different story, which is why I like everything happy and simple. On the weekend, I spend time with my family and we usually have a project for the house, which has been the backyard and garden recently. I really enjoy this. I like to tinker around and fix things, and decorate and plan. Getting some sun is a bonus! I usually have the complexion like a sheet of paper, so sun is welcomed!

I hear about people that have crazy busy lives who are always running around doing things, hardly with their kids or at home and when they are, they do not sit down either. I do not know how people can do this. I am not saying it is wrong, but to me, it’s just plain crazy! I wouldn’t mind having visitors more often, or having dinners with friends and family, but I like being home.  It boggles my mind how someone could juggle a busy life, kids, work and housework and still have enough energy to be out at night with friends. My night out with friends is sitting on my front porch and my awesome friends/neighbours coming over to have a bevvie and gab for a bit. I like my neighbourhood too. Even though there are some sketchy neighbours on the block, for the most part, I know everyone and I trust them all. There are a lot of kids on my block and the parents all look out for each other’s kids. It’s a pretty nice little community.  Eventually, there will be country life again for me. I am not too fond of the city. I like how close everything is, like work is within walking distance and I don’t have to drive in the snow to get to work, but country is peace for me. I lived in the country when I was younger and I am initially from a very small town, so I guess that is pretty rural as well! I want to see my kids run in a big yard and not have to worry about fences or city things like needles on the sidewalk and litter everywhere.

But, for now…. I’m pretty lucky with what I have. Now, if I just had enough money to pay off my mortgage, all would be perfect in the world! ha ha!

That’s all I need, is my kids, my family, my home….. that’s all I need….. and maybe this chair….. that’s all I need…… my kids, my family, my home, this chair….and maybe this book…… he he!       I will give you a free cupcake if you know what that is referring to!


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