People Who Got Me Here, there and everywhere!

4 May

During our lives we meet with an uncountable number of people. Everyone touches us somehow I believe, some making a bigger mark  than others. We make friends and break friends, we move, go to college, feel some space and learn who we are or who we want to be. When we land in a destination for an unestimated amount of time, it is not only ourselves that got us there, but all of the influence that we gathered along the way. Our mother’s influence us to brush our teeth and comb our hair, be polite, do our homework, and be a good person. I believe that our parent’s help mold our everyday behaviour, our morals and values. Things may change along the way, but the parents lay the ground rules/ behaviours. My mother

Mom showing Adam how to use the digger

Mom showing Adam how to use the digger

gave me a lot to work with. I don’t think that I would have my work ethics without her.She raised me on her own, which is a struggle to begin with, and all of those who have raised their children on their own, kudos to you. It is not easy and sometimes it feels like too much, but your kids see your strength and they don’t forget it. So, mom had about 3 jobs at one time, pretty much all throughout my childhood, until she put herself through college when she was 40. By the time I was 15 she had bought a house, put herself through college and raised me on her own. That is a work ethic and strength that was plain to see, and I grabbed onto it at once! I made my own jobs from the time I was 10. Walking dogs, washing cars, babysitting, washing dishes at a restaurant for $4.00 per hour and working after school at a local pizza place. I don’t remember being over 12 without a job. I wouldn’t have my sense of humour either, all of my family has a hand in that, my grandfather was pretty humourous as well! Everyone was so funny and happy, I remember my family congregating to my mom’s house and playing cards, there was laughter and of course some bevvies, and all of us kids would be running around playing or watching movies, o standing beside the adults, quietly so we could keep standing there. Grandpa would share his blue cheese and crackers with sardines! Ew! Even though I was an only child, it didn’t really feel that way. I have about 16 cousins and most of them would be at our house on the weekends. I was with family alot.

Without my mother,  I wouldn’t know how to cook, or bake for that matter. Baking is a huge thing for me, it’s my career! Although my mom is not the only influence for this, but a handful, I believe that she is the main reason. Memories are the strongest during baking! And now, I bake with my kids! All in all, my mom is the bomb!

Aren't they handsome?

Aren’t they handsome?

I had 3 uncles, one has since passed, but the 2 that I still have are pretty awesome! I saw alot of my Uncle John when I was a kid. He was pretty much my mom’s best friend, and even now they are still pretty close. He was always curious and ambitious, put those two together and I think that he has done every career or can do a little bit of everything in the world! He can decorate a room, do the plumbing, the electrical, make a wooden china cabinet, create patterns for cross stitch and stained glass, fix a car….. it goes on! He has been back to school maybe 2-3 times to become something else, like a nurse, and x-ray technician, and now I think he makes policies for the hospitals in Nevada. I am not really sure anymore! He amazes me! I think the most thing that amazes me about him though, is his strength. He came out about 4-5 years ago. He was married for about 25 ish years to a wonderful woman, but he had to be true to himself and he came out. This, is a really brave thing to do. We have a big family and I am sure he was not sure about telling them. But he did, and now he has a wonderful partner who I adore, and my uncle is happy. I am certain that he feels a little more free to be himself and not have to fit into the mold of what he thinks everyone thinks he should be. Does that make sense?!


My gorgeous friend!

There are alot more people in my life that influence me, my family being the most influential, but the others. like my great and wonderful friend Elissa. She is my friend and my neighbour, and she has shown me how to just go with it, in a relationship. Like, I don’t have to control everything, I need to let my husband make stupid mistakes, its easier to forgive him later, than it is to argue with him about the decision he is about to make! And, I mean just little things. She taught me that it is okay to be who I am, and be patient. She is incredibly smart and sensible! She drives me crazy! Only in the way that I wish I could think like that..but alas…. I am too emotional! Surprise Surprise!!! Ha ha!

Two peas in a pod!

Two peas in a pod!

Also, Shanna. She has taught me that it is okay to be wrong, and to not look like a complete ass, just admit it when you are! Ha ha!

All in all, I have a very very big list of who has played big roles in my life and what they have done for me, and I would write it all out on who and everything, giving them full credit for the good things in me today, but who wants to read all of that! If you are close to me and I have not named you….. you aren’t the only one. Get over it! ha ha! ahem….Gord!

Just remember, that whether you 22 or 80, there are people in your life who have helped you along the way, who have showed you things, even things that you haven’t thought had a big role in your life, but have. We are a combination of everyone in our lives, they say it takes a village, I would say that is correct. And keep this in mind when interacting with people. You can change someones outlook or point of view, you, have an effect on the people you meet. So, be nice, helpful and fun!


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