The Cupcake Effect

1 May

Baking and decorating cupcakes is a little more difficult than you might think. Sure, it’s fun to make a dozen at home and cupcakesmadecorate each one for about 10 minutes until they are perfect, but in a bakery, it has to go much faster than that. They have to look great, taste great and be done quickly in order to be efficient and to be able to finish other work that has to be done.

All of the aspects of the said cake of cup is equally important! The cake, first and foremost must be super delicious and moist and have a decent size. It took me about 6 months to work out the best recipe for my white and chocolate cake, the rest came quickly after, and I try new things all the time. First of all, my flavours went through the taste test with my family, and then with the awesome kitchen shop Kitchen Widgets. The staff there held no punches for me and told me whether the flavour was a keeper or not. This was tremendous help!

Next is the frosting, the taste is just as important as the cake flavour and texture. Some of the cupcakes hold the nip of flavour in the frosting. And, if you have ever had a cupcake without frosting…. you realize the importance of the beautiful and smooth sweet topping! It just isn’t a cupcake without the frosting. All of those non-frosting fanatics…. look elsewhere please! Ha ha! Since we are on the topic of frosting, the last key element of a perfect cupcake is the look of the frosting and decorations! This is where it gets really fun, and there is something for everyone! In my bakery, I make over 40 different flavours of cupcakes, and they are all my babies, created by me, so I really had to think on how they were to look! I think that my favourites are the the cupcakes that we decorate for Easter though. Lots of colour and fun sprinkles! There is nothing that screams cupcake more than a white cupcake with a big swirl of pink frosting! Throw some sprinkles on there and BAM!! Cupcake genious! Even the men (don’t deny it) love a good pink cupcake! They are not too proud! Or, most aren’t!

Now that we have the look of the cupcake, the technique is important, but I won’t speak of this….. it is sensitive material which only gets taught to my trainees! Ha Ha! Plus, hand strength is very important. Apparently, I make it look easy. So many young ones have been brought to tears because the cupcake swirl is just out of their reach! He he he!

This is me! Really.

So, Of course, I make cupcakes, but I make cakes as well, and I  bake other things like pies and muffins and scones and such. This does not however, define who I am! I am a baker, this is what I do for work. Granted, I do have a cupcake tattoo on my forearm, but it’s so cute! It’s also the logo of my business….and really, how many businesses am I going to own in my lifetime? It requires a tattoo….just like my children…. I have their names tattooed on me as well! All, are my babies! Well, again, I am so much more than a cupcake bakery owner, but it skips people’s minds when they refer to me, or when I am given gifts and such. Cupcakes really do invade my territory! And, I am sorry, but I am sweet enough! Apparently I always smell like sugary goodness, which in fact is a good thing and I would rather smell like a cupcake than to smell like a paper mill! But, I guess the smell triggers something in people, ” I was in the mall the other day and I smelled sugar, and thought of you!”, “I was making a cake at home and when I stepped into the kitchen, it just reminded me of you!”  I don’t really mind these comments, smelling something wonderful triggers a memory of me….GREAT!  It is when it invades everything else….that is hard! So, for the first 3 years of baking cakes and cupcakes, everyone that knew me, would pick up things for me with cupcakes on it. For birthdays I was given cupcake things, and decorating stuff and cupcake cards and such….It really was fine for the first year, after that….not so much! I love my friends and family, but I had to make them stop. First, I am an artist, I went to college for art and I love it. It courses through my veins, I draw every day. If I could paint every day, I would! I love to learn, I love science and the supernatural, I have hobbies, I play piano, I am very curious and want to know facts about everything ( much to my husbands dismay!) Its really hard to have an arguement with me! I go research things immediately to prove what you are saying is true! I need reference!! Ha ha!

I am so much more than a bakery owner. When friends and family are constantly thinking of my when they see a cupcake cupcake queenor a bakery or an apron, I call this the Cupcake Effect. It has a hold on everyone I know! Now, I know it could be worse! My friend Kevin is in the business of disaster restoration, I would hate it if every time someone saw a disaster that they would think of me! I know that is probably not what happens to him at all, but it’s a good comparison for my reasons!  What else would be bizarre? My close friend is a team leader at a call centre, I do not think of her when I see phones. I don’t buy her phone piggy banks or anything. A t-shirt with a phone on it! Weird!  I think of her, as a person, not as her career. But, what I can say, is that at least cupcakes are cute!



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