And, It Begins Again!

29 Apr

Now that the nice weather is here, it is time for people to get out of their homes and….. shop! Ha Ha!  I know I feel like shopping!  The birthday parties have started. I think everyone was born in April! The big boom with cakes starts in April for us, and it usually lands on my son’s birthday! The end of April. It sure did this year! And, we have been making some really incredible cakes lately! The creativity with the supports is getting to be a part of the job I love as well. Getting to design the cake on how it is supported and then figuring out how to sculpt it on the support. sonic

treeI have really started moving faster this year as well, I feel like we are more organized at the bakery now and we can deal with a large amount of cakes without being here until 10pm at night! That really really is not fun! I hate being away from my children and when I have to be at the bakery from 5:30-6 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night, it sucks all the joy out of it! I feel so terrible and guilty when that happens! I need to see my kids! So, I now we are organized better and more in sync with each other! And now that I have a nice, happy adult working for me, she is going to  help us get our butts in gear! We each have a job and I don’t have to hang out over shoulders and end up doing it myself!!!!

I am hoping to have a little more challenging cakes to make this year! I know, people love to save money and we can do some really great flat art cakes, but I love the sculpting! I especially like people’s faces when they see the cakes that we can create! It really is rewarding! If we can keep up with keeping up and being on point, this year is going to be absolutely awesome! I can’t wait! Making people happy is my job! I love it!dino

So….cheers, to the beginning of another fantastic year in the kitchen of Bake Me A Cake!11140043_10155447876660459_3320958261778394583_n I hope you can come in and see us, have a yummy cupcake and maybe get an opportunity to have a cake creation made by us!


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