Slow it Down! Look Around!

30 Mar

With the extremely busy life that I have, it sometimes feels like I am caught up in a tornado. Life passing by so quickly, some things happen, and it feels like I didn’t even notice, or make a memory! I look at the kids, and it makes me want to just put life on slow motion! I want to be able to just take off my stress at the door, like a jacket when I get home. Then I would be free and clear to be care free and happy mommy. If life were like that, I think we would all do that! But, then again, who would want to put that jacket back on? Not me!

I sometimes lose sight of the little things that kids find funny and amusing, and also the things that they can find challenging. They are at an age now that they can do things for themselves, but not everything. It’s the most difficult to remember with my oldest son, who is a little advanced for his age, and his humour is a little older as well, which makes things a little harder for me and my hubby. We might expect more out of him, but then, he expects more from us, he is pretty demanding actually. Always wanting more and always challenging the parental authority. Very annoying! IMG_9557

With the shop, employees, lessons, kids, lessons, husband, housework, etc, its very hard to just slow down. I have about an hour after the kids go to bed before I turn into the living dead, so, sometimes I watch a show, sometimes I do housework, and sometimes (more than most times) I paint and plan the organizing and such of the house! I want to create a warm and welcoming home for my family, and I have realized that I may be occupying my precious time that I spend with my kids, distracted. I am always distracted! What has to be done tomorrow at the shop, who has to go to what lessons, and appointments, the money situation at home and the shop, how I can organize a small home with 4 people and keep it functioning and clean. I really need to slow down…. look around and see those two precious baby boys of mine and enjoy who they are. Listen to them, not shush them. Join in with the song they are singing and laugh when they are goofy. I do this stuff, but not as much as I should, just like doing the dishes! I really should do them more than I do….  and the dreaded work of laundry. Not that I am comparing the much needed one on one time with my children with dishes, its not like its a huge chore to be with my kids, its the fact that I have to think about it and actually do it, focus and do it! I think I just might go play legos with my kids right now! My oldest is always asking me to play with him….. I hate being on the floor cross legged for a long period of time…. I feel like I sound like a creeky door when I get up! Which, reminds me that I found my first white hair on my head! What the *&^* is that? I am not even forty, and before you roll your eyes and think something like, I have had grey hair for years….. I am not you….this is my head and I have NEVER come across any lighter than blonde coloured hairs! How dare my skull do something so rude! Oh, I had some choice words for it alright! I am a natural blonde, it has started getting darker, which I came to terms with, and I have naturally curly hair, so, this little white hair came popping out of my skull, it was like a beacon for all others to grow and join it! This bandit it wiry and almost straight! Don’t think that it is still in my head! I plucked that little bugger out as soon as I saw it! Now, I see more! I guess that is what happens though…. change is imminent.

IMG_9637And, so, now, since I see so much change around me, my kids getting huge and sassy, and my dog getting old and having to pee every half hour, my hair going white…. I must take the time to slow and see….just look and listen and enjoy. I love my children with all my heart, so now, Im gonna play! Please pray for my legs and my feet!


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