And Here it Comes!

25 Mar

It is almost the end of March….time flies! It is the time for all the birthdays! Once April comes around, the bakery is crazy! I think everyone knows someone that has an April birthday! In anticipation of the busy season, I am enjoying the time that I can get off early and be with my family! Gearing up is the worst! I start getting anxious! All of the things run through my mind of what has to be ordered, people I need to train and my budget! I can feel my shoulders getting tight just thinking about it!

It’s a really good thing that I have Shanna. My best friend, my neice, and the manager of my store! She never lets me down! Other than my husband, she is the one that is always there for me! Alot of people ask us if we are sisters…and in spirit, we are….some people compare us to an old married couple! Ha ha! That’s what we act like when we are bickering  with each other, then we hug it out!

Shanna knows this too, we are gearing up for another busy season. These times are nuts for us! I usually have 12-14 hour days on a regular basis, and the rest of the staff have 12-14 hour days on Fridays, sometimes Thursdays as well. These people are my second family. I hold everyone pretty tight to my heart!

I just started to advertise in a local wedding magazine, which will increase sales this year as well….and the new location that is so amazing, just never disappoints me! I am so glad we moved! And so is my staff!

Here we go….. time to dig in, get cake boards made, organize the kitchen and start ordering supplies to keep our stock up so we aren’t scrambling when we have a busy week. Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, retirements, etc. Everyone wants to celebrate in the nicer weather…. and we want to provide the baked goods for it! Also, with the new products we are making, things are getting busier! Christmas time, I was swamped with pie orders! Buttertarts, squares, pies etc…. whew! That was a busy time!

I can’t wait for another wonderful year, and for all of those who read this and are a customer or friend, I thank you as well. If I didn’t have your support, I just wouldn’t be here!

Love you all!  We are raring to go!


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