A New Perspective

24 Mar

We go through life, trying to struggle to either find ourselves or trying to make people understand why we are how we are. Everyone has a journey and every journey is different. We handle situations differently and all have pasts that tend to guide us into our reactions. There is a reason for every way that people react and handle things the way they do. Who are we to judge another person’s struggle with life, or choices they make?

With that being said, my eyes have started to open. I used to be one of “those” people who judge quietly. Not hurting anyone, but really poisoning my own mind with judgement onto others. I have been so wrong. I feel terrible. But the truth has found me. I know that sounds so cliche and religious…. I don’t mean it to be. But my mind has cleared of all the fog and the residue of the negative. Now, all traces of negativity has not vanished completely, I would have to meditate every day for hours to get rid of it, even then, I am human.

This past 12 months have been challenging for me and my family, with the change of our diets, and really being open to a new mindset. My husband calls me “new age” in my thinking. I just call it, me. Or, my own truth.

I am in a different place than I was 12 months ago. I am constantly evolving now, mind and body and spirit.

This, is my place, however, I have not considered that through my journey (which is still in progress) my family is seeing me change and become someone different than I was before. This is hard for them. I realize this now. I should not be upset when a member of my family judges me harshly, or does not agree with me about how I should live my life. Granted, it is my choice to live how I seem fit, but, I should not expect them to change their view of me. I have been going through this journey on my own and I have not shared everything with them, so they have no idea who I am anymore. I know that my choices to not change who I am, I am still the same person, but its hard to seperate that when you are a parent.

I feel like I have been seeing their reactions with one eye. I need to see the bigger picture. I am the one that changed. They are dealing with it. And, they are dealing with it the way they know how. It might not be the best reactions or most supportive, but it is still a reaction that means that they care.

So, the next time a loved one picks apart the way you do things or, they think you should do things the way they would do it….take it to the bare bones and see their reaction for what it truly is. The meaning behind it. It isn’t always negative. It could just be fear, the fact that they might not understand, and the fact that you have changed.

I have a new perspective, I will keep an open mind.

Just because I have changed, does not mean all that love me are ready for my change, or agree with my change. I just need to give them time, and not judge them harshly for their reactions.


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