19 Mar

We live in a busy world, with busy lives and busy brains and muscles….. we forget to relax, and to be even more honest, we relaxhave no idea what relaxing is. Relaxing is not sitting down after the kids go to bed and scrolling through facebook feeds, it is not watching television, it is not playing on our phones or tablets either. All of those are mindless activities that do not quiet our body or mind. It has been proven in fact, that it is harder for people to get  a good nights rest after they have been on a computer or gadget.

I know, I know, there are alot of you who roll your eyes, who say, “who cares”. but we need to learn, we have to teach ourselves. We are too stressed out, we carry alot of weight on our shoulders and we lose sight of the important things. I have learned the hard way. I have been stuck in a bad place for a long time with my stress level and my weight, which is cause and effect really. It also comes out in your personality, and how our temper comes out, or depression kicks in. I want to seriously avoid depression, there is a lot of it infecting my family, and I want to steer clear!

You don’t have to be spiritual or be a “hippie” to learn to find yourself under all of the baggage of everyday life. Once you do this, once you have found relaxation, you will definitely feel it when you are stressed and you don’t relax.

There are numerous professionals that I have gone to in order to learn how to cope, how to find where my stress is coming from and how to deal with it. There are a few who have helped me from the inside, really guided me to finding me, and letting me come to terms the things that I already knew, but I was just hiding from myself. Others were a surface fix. Something that felt wonderful at the time, but didnt really help in the long run, this is why we need to help ourselves.

The first thing that I learned to appreciate is the quiet. With my busy life, being a boss of 4 staff members, running a bakery, decorating, doing the books and having a family and a household to run, let alone trying to visit and keep in touch with family, it rarely happens that I get some silence. When I did get some quiet, I would sit down and turn on the tv. I think I was scared of the quiet. Maybe because I was not used to listening to myself. My brain would work differently, I would think alot, I wouldn’t want to think all of my thoughts because there were things that I didn’t want to deal with…now, some things…ever. But I learned so much from myself when I listened to myself, I let myself stay still and quiet. I focused on my memories, or worries, or stresses. I listened to my body….yes, your body does speak to you. Anyone can listen to their body. Just close your eyes and breathe, deep long breaths, and what is your body saying? Mine is saying….take this bra off! ha ha!Benefits-of-meditation-2

I did not do any stretching last night, or yoga, or meditation, and I had some very salty snacks last night…, do I ever feel terrible today! I have learned what it feels like to be relaxed and be in sync with my body, and now that I have mistreated it for a night, it is telling me where to go! Ha ha! I won’t make that mistake again!

When you are looking for that “something” that makes you relax, please don’t mistake numbing your brain and body with relaxation. I have found alot of new hobbies, which have become habits that help me control my feelings, and stresses and just calm me down. I have found a profound love of playing the piano. I truly am passionate about this, and I would be heartbroken if I could not do it any longer. I also love to paint, and not necessarily pictures, but walls. I do not paint my walls with a roller, every room in my house has been painted with a brush by my hand. I love this action, I get a lot of gratification from painting. My mind is taken somewhere else, and I am myself. I love listening to classical music when I walk and when I am alone at work in the mornings.  What is your “thing”? Everyone has one.

Just be silent, listen to the quiet, be still and hear things for what they are.



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