Just to be Satisfied

18 Feb

I have been thinking alot about things, as always, and I am wondering “when are people satisfied?”  This could be big or small things. I like things to be perfect, and before I had children I was much worse. I was a clean freak, and I was seriously addicted to buying cleaning products. I never left more than a glass on the edge of my sink for dishes, I vacuumed every day. It was insanity, but I had the time and I was single with no children. Now, I have learned to let things go. My house is not the vision of cleanliness, nor is it a dirty gross pit. We live in our home, and it looks like it! I would love to have things clean all the time, but then where would my family be? I have put the clean freak in the closet and let it just be there. Every once in a while it wants to poke its head out, and I let it, but just until I am satisfied and not obsessive.

This leads me to a bunch of other things that I can dwell on and not appreciate where I am at the moment that I am in it. Am I satisfied to be where I am? Yes, I am. There are others that could argue that being satisfied is not fulfilling every moment of my life. I am fine with where I am, who I am and who I am growing to be. I am happy. Satisfaction is in our minds, it is a feeling, that can often be misleading, guiding us toward anxiety and a feeling of needing more. It can be very unhealthy, and destructive to our emotional health. It can also heal us and help us to deal with the everyday beating of the advertisements we see and hear and our peers, but you have to chose which it will do to you.

I am satisfied and feel good about my life, however, I am not satisfied at the minimum storage in my home, so I will do something about it. This feeling of not loving my storage situation has nothing to do with being happy and healthy, it has to do with a small home! Now, if I made myself unhappy about the situation, I could trick myself into thinking that I would not be happy unless I had a bigger home. I will not let this feeling in. This feeling I keep at arms length, but it could easily take someone over.

Find the things that make you happy, don’t dwell on things that make you unhappy. You don’t have to keep up with  the neighbours or your friends. For me, it comes down to the basics, the fact that I am happy with my family and friends. Changing my curtains or wanting a better vehicle does not effect the basics. I refuse to trick myself any longer.  I think about all the natural disasters that happen, and what would I want to save? My family, friends and some pictures. Not the Prada purse or the $50,000 vehicle in the driveway.

This, is why I am satisfied, and it is okay to say so.

It has nothing to do with having no drive or energy to get more out of life, it has everything to do with being happy in the moment of life I am in now and not wanting for more. I would love to do more things and love more and be creative and such, and I will do more, but I am still happy where I am RIGHT NOW!

How satisfied are you?


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