The Reason Why

6 Nov

why question abstractI have thought about it, and I know some of my family and friends might wonder…”why do you blog? why do you share so many things?” and I have thought…. I should tell them!

I have a lot to be thankful for, I have struggles, ups and downs. Everyone does. Some of my struggles feel like I am going through them alone. Some things sound funny when I write my experience down! Simply, writing eases the tension, it takes a load off the weighed-down shoulders. I know, I could be journalling, and I still do, but I am always hoping that my blog will reach someone who is having a terrible day and lighten their load a little. I don’t think that I can make everyone happy, I am sure some people try to read what I write and click off the page immediately, but what matters is the one person. The mom that has had it up to her eyeballs with the kids and work and housework etc. She will see that she is not alone. I know, it sounds so cliche, but it is true! When you are having a down-in-the-dumpy day, if you know someone that has gone through it, it feels so much better.

I have a couple of reasons actually, I thought when I started this blog maybe 3 years ago, that I could grow my business this way…. good luck! But it really has become a passion for me, the fact that I let people into my life. I share what I want, I try not to hurt anyone, but I try to be as real and honest as I can without sharing too much.

My wonderful, awesome, cute, cuddly, husband

My wonderful, awesome, cute, cuddly, husband

My husband reads my blog. He tells me that he knows more about me after reading my blog than he can get just talking to me! My niece tells me that I sound smarter in my blog than in person! Ha! Figures.

I am  a people person, I have shared my blog on my facebook profile because I don’t mind if my neighbour or my aunt or my doctor’s secretary knows who I am. I am proud of who I am, and I don’t mind if others judge me. I am sure that some of my family has seen the posting about the troubles with my dad, and they want to say something, or they just want to judge me silently. I don’t mind. These people are my family. I love them no matter what they think of me. I am sure that they feel the same way. I love my parents, and everyone I have told you about during the life of my blog, if I didn’t, you wouldn’t know who they are! Simple.

There are a lot of reasons why people do what they do. I see a lot of things posted on facebook about what people ate or something they find funny, and they share a tiny bit of what they like or don’t like…but do we really know who they are? No. We know they find the dog on a rocking horse video funny or that they think that carving watermelons is fascinating. I think they are funny and fascinating as well, but I have more to say. I have more to share. People are curious, people want to know other people. Whether it be for gossip or concern, I have not seen anyone pass up getting information on another person. We are curious. I therefore, am an open book.
The real benefit for me is that I enjoy writing. I would love to write a book. My husband, bless him, has written more novels than I can count. I tried it once. I finished one chapter, and my mind went blank. What I wrote was decent, but I had no story plan and had no idea where to go after the first chapter. So, I write little poems (since I was a teenager) and I journal. I even tried writing songs. Now, I have found how I can write. It goes into the world, so every word posted is published via web immediately, and it is completely free! It does not get better than that!

I watched a documentary last night called HAPPY-POSTER-2happy it is about people finding their happiness and measuring happiness in people. I wondered, “am I really happy?”. I came to the conclusion, that if I did not have this personality of constant worry and taking on others emotions, I am superbly happy! I love my whole existence! My job is awesome, and the fact that I work with my best friend is even better…and she is my niece…there is a trifecta right there! Also, my family. Geez, the man who I chose for the rest of my life…we chose each other, but I feel like I picked him, took him home and he is mine! ha ha! I love him with everything I have. He is my true best friend! Then, the children! The little pieces of me and my husband put together to make a creation of its own! It’s completely awesome! They are so great, funny, and soooooo cute! My God! My love for them hurts me! Ha ha! Literally sometimes! Seriously, if you want to sit on my lap, don’t dig those little elbows into my stomache, they feel like little daggers! And my pets of course. Then my home. I thought for a while that we needed a bigger home. We always thought we needed more, bigger would make us happier, let us spread out….but then I thought, NO! If we get a bigger home, we have a bigger mortgage, higher taxes, more money for utilities and we are more spread out. We would have seperate rooms to do things. We would be seperated. I love my little house. It fits us perfectly. It needs work, and I love to improve things, and organize. My kids sometimes feel like they are right on top of me all the time, but why would I want to change that? They love to be around their parents. We are a close family. It is hard sometimes to get the kids to go play in their rooms. They would rather play in the living room together where they can see Gord and I. 082

My niece has explained to her children that my kids are different. They are with their parents all the time. They are always hugging and playing and talking, and they hardly ever get to play video games. I don’t mind her saying this at all. It is true. And I find it odd that it is “normal” now that kids are on a game system for hours at a time. Well, my kids play, read, and we play together.

We are not perfect by any means, but I have to say, I have it pretty darn good! Even though I bitch about things, it all works out! You would not read my blog if it was all sunshine and rainbows anyway!

My friend Kathy Milliken tells me to journal, it is healthy, it is a way of coping. She is my “person”, you know, that one person that you HAVE to go to see. The one that listens, I mean, she gets paid for it, but she is a genuine friend as well! Ha ha!


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