Stop! And Take it All In!

5 Nov

My average day begins at about 5 am when my alarm clock goes off.alarm_clock_10 I get up and go to the bathroom, where I have everything I need to get ready for work. I get my clothes ready the night before so I don’t wake anyone up. I get dressed, put a hat on my head and brush my teeth. I grab an apple from the fridge for lunch, put on my shoes and coat and leave for work. I have been walking to work, I only leave a couple of blocks from the bakery. I get to work, put on my head phones and play classical music to get me into the groove of the baking I have yet to do.AMY LOOKING SUPER HOT I then, bake 120-240 cupcakes, make frosting and frost every one! I put them in the cupcake display and get the bakery ready to open. If I have time, at this point, I eat an apple with peanut butter, a glass of water and my vitamin. I open the store, and clean up my mess in the kitchen. Then I get on to other baking and decorating that has to be done. All day, I talk to people, take phone calls, organize the bakery, do some book work, itemize the supplies that I will need for the week coming and organize my staff and let them know what is happening and such.

busy_momWhen my day is done, I go home to my husband and children, dog and cat. The dog greets me at the door and my youngest comes running to me for a hug. I unload, and see what has to be done at home. My hubby is usually making supper. I want to sit. I want to sit and have some quiet and collect myself. I sit, but no quiet is to be had. I don’t really expect it to tell you the truth. I am just glad to be home. The kids usually have an activity or something, we prep for that, we eat supper and we are out the door. We get home, and I get the kids ready for bed and there is another half hour of reading bed time stories and another half hour of telling them to go to bed, keep quiet, go to sleep. Then there is quiet, which I do not know how to deal with anymore. I clean, I organize, I do laundry etc. By the time I sit down it is 9 or 9:30 and I am pooped! I go to bed with my book, I read maybe a page and fall asleep. Repeat.

In all of this whirlwind I just noticed, I do not look around. I have stopped looking at the little things. It is take your child to work day for grade 9’s today. My niece Jade is here with her mom Shanna. We have cake boards wrapped in coloured foil.take it in “ooh! Pretty!” she says to the colour of bright blue foil. This is when I realized it. It hit me like a purse to the face! When is the last time that I have appreciated even a colour? Then, more questions…. when is the last time I looked around and just stopped and took it all in? There are lots of things that I love, and people, but when do I slow down enough to appreciate everything? This, is something that I have to make a habit. I have been in a rut of living my life with the feeling that everything has to get done. It is so serious this way. I don’t want to be so serious. I want to stay young, and be a fun mommy and wife.

autumn-beauty-dawn-knuthToday, when I walk home, I am going to look at the leaves and I am not going to walk up my front steps and just look at what has to be done. I am going to look at it differently. I am going to joyfully walk up my steps and appreciate that I have a home, which is warm and dry and filled with the people I love the most. I am going to say hi and pet my dog, not get annoyed because she trips me every time. I am going to appreciate the fact that I have such a loving and loyal pet who looks forward to seeing me. I am going to take off my shoes and take a load off. I will have a tea and talk with my husband about the day. I will see what has to be done, but I will worry about it later. I will go out and rake the leaves  with my kids and take pictures of them playing in the leaves. I will make a house out of leaves with my son. He loves to do this!

I, Amy Bourgon, am going to Stop! And Take it All In!see beauty


3 Responses to “Stop! And Take it All In!”

  1. Rebecca November 5, 2014 at 12:24 pm #

    Amy, Don’t forget to look in the mirror! You are beautiful inside and out!


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