For the Love of Pie!

28 Oct

Since the cooler weather has arrived I have been making pies! Ah, pastry! Some people are scared of it, others think it is a breeze to do (like my mother)! My grandmother used to make pies, and she was known in my family as THE pie maker!

A rare photo of my  mother and me!

A rare photo of my mother and me!

Her crust was so like and flaky! My mother learned from her and she can make beautiful pastry dough as well. My mother taught me. There is some things to be aware of when making pastry dough, like the butter/shortening should be cold, and don’t handle the dough too much, it becomes tough and not flaky at all. I used to cringe when mom wanted to make pies or tarts because she was so fast at it and it turned out perfect every time! Living up to her reputation in the family is pretty hard when making buttertarts especially! In my family, she it the buttertart queen! So, it took a long time before I could even think that I did a decent job on the pastry dough! I had to do a bunch of time on my own first, then I was able to feel more confident! Now, I can make a really nice pastry dough that is light and flaky! Thanks to my mother! We use the same recipe as my grandmother used, and I am pretty confident that her mother used to make it as well. A long line of bakers in my side of the family!

My Aunt Linda and me at a birthday celebration.

My Aunt Linda and me at a birthday celebration.

My carrot cake recipe is the best in the city, and I say this with confidence because numerous people ask for it and tell my staff and I that it is the best they have ever tasted! I swiped this recipe from my Aunt Linda, who is a nurse (which also runs in the family, taking care of people) and she is known in my family for this delicious dessert which everyone asks if she brought it to every family function! I learn from the best! The best desserts are made with fond memories attached to every recipe.

Every time I make a pie, I think of my mom. I wonder if she is proud that she taught this art to me that I am creating baked goods for everyone to enjoy! Like a kind of legacy. The only thing that I think of and wonder is if one of my sons is going to carry it on and learn the ways of the Morley pastry dough!

I made 35 pies for Thanksgiving at the shop, and in the end, we had 8 left. Not bad I think for the first year making pies for the holiday! I will make pies for Christmas as well. And buttertarts. I do not use my mother’s buttertart recipe, hers drip down your chin when you take a bite, I rather a sugar free chin, so I opted for a thicker filling, which I have recieved props for as well. Plus, I don’t want to step on my mom’s toes with buttertarts, so we have different styles!

Making the dough and rolling it out is like nurturing myself. It relaxes me and brings back fond memories and warm and fuzzy feelings. It is hard work after the first 10 pies though!  I love it, and I would not make it, bake it and sell it if I didn’t love it!  Now, I just need more filling recipes! I do, raisin, blueberry, lemon, apple, pecan, chocolate pecan, chocolate almond. I need to get a really nice peanut butter pie recipe and some other fruit recipes! A pear pie would be delicious and I have a strawberry rhubarb pie as well! Pie makes everything better!


One Response to “For the Love of Pie!”

  1. Sara October 29, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

    Mmmm! Can’t wait to try your pies! xo


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