CaKe TrEnDs!!

23 Oct

I see a lot of trends come and go with cake themes. From Thomas the Tank Engine, to Toopy and Binoo to Frozen, for children’s cakes and the always changing themes for wedding cakes. What is the trends I am seeing now?

Oh man!elsa and anna I decorate at least 3 Frozen themed cakes every week, and some weeks there is about 5 more than that! I can pipe the sisters in the dark now! At least the Dora the Explorer theme is over! It goes in spurts. As soon as a new movie or cartoon comes out, this is what the kids want! Now, it is not as popular as frozen but Everafter High is starting to come in close to Monster High with cake requests as well! And, now that we have a larger bakery and we are in an area with more traffic, we are seen and people are starting to recognize the kinds of cakes that we make!

Simple 2 tiered wedding cake with ribbon.

Simple 2 tiered wedding cake with ribbon.

The wedding cakes are pretty much always the same trends,

Rustic Wedding Cake, buttercream.

Rustic Wedding Cake, buttercream.

it is mostly the colours that change. There is the plain with ribbon tiered cake, the pretty and lacy type cake, and the rustic type cakes. Some people like to break out of the box for wedding cakes, I have done a wedding cake that was a Jack Skellington theme, and a leprechaun/green theme! Mostly, the colours change, it was brown and pink, lavendar, royal blue, sage green and purple and now the mute colours are in, in Sarnia anyhow! We seem to get behind on keeping up with trends! Ruffles are in as well. I like the look of the cake when it is done, but it’s a bit of a chore to do, unless it is in buttercream!

Frills and Lace

Frills and Lace

I made a couple of display wedding cakes for a show we were in, and I made a black wedding cake, very elegant with white flowers on it, and everyone loved it, but I think they would not choose it for their wedding. Cupcakes are still very popular, and I think it is because for the hall rentals, the newlyweds do not have to pay for the cake cutting. This can cost sometimes over $1 per slice. Well, when the wedding cake costs anywhere from $2.50/slice to $4.50/slice, who wants to spend another $100-150 on the cutting of the cake? The range $2.50-$4.50 is my pricing and is not comparable to other bakeries, they all price thing differently. I say this because someone may read this blog and think that this is the going rate for wedding cakes, you have to take in consideration where you live! Bigger cities seem to have higher pricing and I am assuming that is because it is more expensive to live in the city and even to rent space can cost more than what I pay in two months for my mortgage!

All of the cake pictures that are in this posting are the ones that I have done myself. I hope you enjoy looking at them, and if you are in the market for a wedding cake, I hope they help you make decisions on the type of cake that you get for your wedding! wedd


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