Who IS this kid?

22 Oct

My five year old, Adam, is trying my patience! Whoa! I know, every child has their own personality, but I am seriously starting to wonder where the heck he came from! He seems to not care about anything! I take care in putting outfits together for my youngest so he can get dressed for school and look somewhat less like a little hobo!messy-kids-bedroom I put his shirt or sweater on a coat hanger, then I take the pants and hang them upside down and clip them to the shirt hanger with a clothes pin. This is his outfit for the day, he just has to grab the hanger, and get his socks and underwear. Well…. I go into his room and he has shirts with no pants and a pile of clothes on the bottom of the closet! Also, he has all sorts of dirty clothes in his room! My kids have daily chores, one of which is to put the dirty clothes in the laundry! I took away his story time at bed time last night because I was so frustrated with repeating myself to him over and over, which seems like months and months. And, he gets upset because I am upset, but when I ask him why he is being punished, he can’t tell me. Now, this kid is pretty smart at acting like he does not know! He wants to stay a baby! I ask him if he is a baby, he says yes! I mean, it’s funny but not at the same time! I get it, wanting to stay so little that everyone has to do everything for you, but really? If it means you get into trouble, wouldn’t you make more of an effort? Who wants to disappoint their parents anyway?

I fear that this “phase” will stick and he will  not care about things in the future.153 My hubby and I can have an argument at home, and my oldest is upset by this, and we tell him that arguments are healthy in a relationship, it does not mean hatred, just difference of opinions. My youngest isn’t phased in the least. He does not even act like he heard anything! This scares me! I think I might have to take some special time with him. He needs more guidance in human emotion or something.

He is really a good kid, he tells me he loves me all the time, he likes to cuddle and just sit on my lap to watch a movie, and he is really adorable! He is very very funny as well! So goofy! We are pretty goofy at home as a family anyway, and he is pretty hilarious! Like all kids, just keeps going until it is too much! Ha ha! Like some adults I know too! But, he is so damn cute!  He plays me on that one for sure! I am a sucker for “mommy, I hurt myself”, or the, cry, you know the cry, the one that makes you stop whatever you are doing, I mean, this cry can get me out of the shower with shampoo in my hair! I crumble every time! Well, my 5 year old knows how to do this cry on command!

202I think I need to pay more attention to my children. Okay, that sounds terrible, but I am sure if you have kids, you know what I mean. Really pay attentioin to them. I am always busy, either practising piano, cleaning, taking them to activities, etc. I am not sure I am really getting one on one time with them. When I ask them about their day, they say “good” and that is the end of it. My oldest likes to talk a lot, but he will just read something from a magazine out loud to us, or explain a very simple thing that happened to him in the most long and detailed, agonizing way! I mean, he gets distracted from his distractions! It’s cute, but it is a little much at times! I have to tell him sometimes to stop talking because nobody else can say anything!

My 5 year old cries a lot. I mean, A LOT! Its that high pitched scream-cry that pierces the eyeballs and stream-lines into your brain, giving you an instant headache! I love him, I really, really love him. Really! I am not sure I am doing anything really wrong, but I need to focus more on him until his behaviour turns around! Then I feel guilty because my oldest thinks that I prefer my youngest to him anyway, and that is not the case. I am sure he thinks that his little brother is more spoiled than him, that just isn’t true. Different personalities….man, a parent just can’t win! Damned if I do, damned if I don’t! 237

I will try to focus more one on one with my youngest and see if his behaviour starts to change. Make him more concerned with others anyways!

We will see how it goes!

They are so cute! Ah!


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