Warm and Fuzzy!

21 Oct

I love making pies! I love baking all sorts of goodies! I made lemon meringue pies and chocolate pies today, as well as some baked goods! It is so comforting to me! Maybe that is why I do it! My favourite is when someone tries the baked goods and I can see their reaction! I love it! It’s an addiction! I admit it! I, Amy Bourgon, am addicted to making people happy with food! There, I said it! I feel better now!

I just took some random photos, and I thought I would share! It is not really like me to take pictures of myself without my kids in it, but, whatever! I am happy about pie!goodiespie

I love the looks of our baked goods in the baskets, it makes it feel more homey to me. I like to make people feel all warm and fuzzy, and I think the basket display makes things a little more warm!

I guess I just love my business! My youngest baby! Almost 4 years old! I am so happy that we have kind of “made it”! I hope this feeling never goes away! My oldest son always is telling me that he wants to work with me at the bakery! I am sure they will both play a part in the business when they are older!  My expansion into pies is a start! I might as well keep doing what I love and what I am good at!

I am so blessed!


My cupcake display! It was full! Each day is different! The top row of cupcakes is our all the time flavours, white, chocolate and french vanilla. The bottom row flavours change every day, so every time someone comes in, there is something different! People like it that way, they can always go to the basics on the top row and the something new and different on the bottom. We always make new flavours as well. Tomorrow I am trying a new flavour, Pumpkin Spiced Latte….we will see how it goes over!

Its nice and crisp outside right now, and the bakery smells like freshed baked chocolate pie! How warm and fuzzy does that sound?

Have a great day! Stay warm!


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