My kinda weather!

20 Oct

debbie downerI have been Miss Debbie Downer as of late….this has to change! I have to open my eyes and appreciate what I have right in front of me, instead of dwelling on all that is my misfortune. I sit here typing and telling you all about my sorrows, when there is people out there with a much harsher reality. I am sure that those of you who read this that have it a lot worse would like to slap me into next week! Shake me until I see that I really have it pretty sweet. I apologize.

Now that autumn is in full bloom, my mood is becoming so much brighter!autumn I love this weather! Everything about it! The smell, the colours, the crispness in the air! Ah, this is my kinda weather! I see neighbours out on their porches having a cigarette all bundled up in their warm jackets and hoods on! I am out there in my regular clothes, loving being out there just for the fresh air and the little bite that a small breeze can give me!

I am starting to get more into Halloween for my kids as well. I never was really excited about it. But now that the kids are the age they are, I want to encourage them if they really like it! My youngest loves to dress up! I got the costume bin out of the basement to see what they could fit into this year, and he was rummaging through the bin, wanting to try everything on! It was pretty funny! I think my mother was excited about Halloween when I was about 5, but she lost interest. I know, my kids are at the perfect age to enjoy dressing up and getting candy! I am going to make it as fun as I can! We have made some decorations at home and when we were at the cottage. That was pretty fun, they liked it and they like seeing their art work out at holidays as well. I have saved all the decorations they have made and I bring them out and put them up every year! It’s pretty fun for them to see the things they have made.

Yesterday I enjoyed a day at home! My oldest and I were doing a puzzle, he was sick. My hubby and youngest son were out grocery shopping. I had a tea and was taking care of my oldest, puke bowl, water, magazines and books, blankets and pillows, movie and a puzzle. The only thing that was missing was a fire place…..and another puzzle after I finished the one I was working on.  I love the indoors and outdoors during this season. Both are equally cozy to me!  This, makes me happy! I am thankful for these days, the bakery isn’t as busy and I have more time with my family. It’s almost like a little vacation. But, I hope to spike business this Christmas since I make pies now and such. It would be nice to not have a slow season at all….I am working on that!

Time to check the cupcakes! I smell them, that means they are done!

Ta ta for now! Have a great day!


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