Really??? Come On!!

4 Aug

Well, first of all business has been good since our move. We have a better location, a better landlord…we have windows! ha ha! Anyways, things have been brilliant! I have been so much happier and a little less stressed since the move. Last week was a crazy week! Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days for us when it comes to decorating all of the cakes. Friday I had to leave early because my awesome and talented husband was playing with his band on a boat cruise! It was a great time! Then, on Saturday I had to go to a wedding, which was also my 30 something birthday. I am having a great weekend at this point. My kids are taken care of, my parents took them for the weekend and my shop is taken care of by my lovely staff! It’s all good.

Sunday morning, I am so leisurely its crazy! Just relaxed and happy, getting ready for the day and there is a knock on my door. It’s the owner of the building located behind my shop. His tenant noticed something not exactly right with my shop, so he called his landlord and in turn, he  came to my house to tell me. I darted to my bakery at once. It looked like the air conditioner had fallen out of the window. I open the back door, it’s not locked….then I see it….everything had been ransacked! Doors open, drawers open, papers and files scattered all over the place and all of my money is gone. Gone. Every last cent….with exception of the nickels! Great! I am shocked, and so hurt! I think that I was more hurt that someone would do something so terrible to me! I know it must not have been personal, but it feels that way! Jerks. Like, really??? Come On!! To me? I pride myself on helping the community and doing good things. I  donate all of the time. I give my left over cupcakes to the Inn of the Good Shepard, which is a place where people can go to get food, clothing, lodging and any support on which they might need in trying times of their life. A little goes a long way, you know?

Even though this is devastating, I feel strangely calm! Why? Is it that I was waiting for it? Is it that I expected it? I really don’t wish any harm on the robbers, I only wish that they use the money to get things that they and their families really need. I know that is not the case, it probably went to a drug dealer or something of the sort, but I can have my own higher visions of humanity. It’s my bubble.

It might be useless to wonder what kind of person can do these things. But, it does not make me stop from doing it. Do they know that they have taken money from my employees? Do they know that they have taken food from my children’s mouths? Do they think about all the consequences that happen to everyone I am responsible for? No. What if, everyone that did something heartless thought for a minute before they did something, what if they were to think of the crime in a sense that it was their loved one that would be the victim. Would they still do it?

I am hurt, I am not scared, I am not scarred. I carry out my day, my  week etc. as it goes. I am a little lighter in the pocket and I have to talk to a lot of people now, but what else can I do? Things are to change though. I will not be caught with my pants down again!

Now…. to get some things taken care of! Just a little bump in the road.


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