I am what I eat!

15 Jul

Since my whole household has turned vegan, eating has become a challenge for me. I am a very busy person and I cannot really eat anything before 8-9 am, even though I am up and working at 5:30. Since changing our eating lifestyle I have had more energy and my complexion is better, I have had some weight loss as well. Having said that, it is easy to get lazy. Being vegan is not for lazy people, you have to be prepared to prepare most of what you eat. There is no pre packaged healthy foods out there, they all have something in them that keep them on the shelf for an extended amount of time, and if you look at the ingredients…..well…. my rule is that if I can’t see the immediate source on which the ingredient is from, I put it down right away.  Another rule is that if I cannot pronounce it and it is in a pre packaged product, it is probably not good for me.

With all of that being said…. I had gotten lazy. I started working more (wedding season) and eating less fresh fruit and vegetables. I started eating more sushi (sans meat), and started eating more breads and even had some cheese every once in a while. Now, sushi can be good for you, in moderation. I wanted it every day. This is not good.

Three weeks to a month ago, I started getting symptoms of having allergies. I have never reacted to the weather outside like this in my life. When I was 10 I went through an allergy test and they found I was allergic to smoke and cats. Now, I used to smoke….I am admittedly borderline genius for taking up smoking, I know! Ha ha!…. but that is not all! NO! We…..have….yes…..a cat!  But since those tests were done over 20 years ago, I have had a couple of cats and the worst thing that happens to me is getting annoyed that the cat gets on the table an knocks over a glass of water which can ruin the wood. So, nothing ever came up in my 30 plus years that I was allergic to any pollens or anything else. Until now. I started having headaches and a stuffy head. All of my sinuses were completely clogged, so much so that my face hurt. I was having leaky eyes in the night and I know it sounds gross, but I had to unstick my eyes in the morning  just to see. Then I started getting a cough, and feeling less energetic. Every now and then I would feel a boost of energy, but not enough to make me completely feel well.

It all came to a head. I had had enough of this feeling like reheated garbage. It was terrible. Not to mention the fact that I was actually craving disgusting food. I wanted to eat  junk food, and french fries. I know, it is summer, and its easy to feel lazy, but it is even easier to go to my fridge and pick up an orange. I decided enough was enough and I made a fruit juice. That made me feel so much better almost instantly. Then, I had a veggie wrap and some grapes and strawberries. My head felt like I was dizzy. My hands were shaking…..so bad that I needed to go get my neice to come with me to the grocery store because I was afraid that I would fall, or that I couldn’t handle my kids by myself….. this is admittedly….shameful.  I went and bought some veggies and fruit and went home and made some fresh salads and made a healthy dinner for my family and I. After dinner I had to lie down because my head felt like it just came out of a paint mixer. Not fun. I eventually got up and went outside for some fresh air, watched my kids ride their bikes up and down the block. When my kids went to bed, so did I. This didn’t help. My spins had left me, as well as the shakes, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 am.

I do feel much better, with exception of the lack of sleep. I go to see a holistic nutritionist today. She will check me for all allergies and tell me what I need to eat, or not eat….or vitamins etc. I am very excited to go see her and see what she has to say.

I know for a fact that all of this could have been prevented if I ate as well as the rest of my family. I have to take the time at night to make myself a juice for the next morning. I have to make myself a lunch…. and eat it. My body is important. If I don’t take care of it, I cannot take care of anything or anyone else I care about. I had lost sight of the importance of healthy eating and was focusing on what had to be done for the business and for everyone else. Putting others ahead of me, I am completely guilty. I am a very mothering and sometime overbearing, over caring person, I have to use that to my advantage and just look in the mirror sometimes.

If you plan to eat a vegan diet, make sure you do your research on all of the supplements and things that you have to eat to stay healthy. We chose this lifestyle because it makes sense to us. We find that eating animal products is not necessary to life a healthy life, as long as you do it right. Not everyone is on board with our change, our families are having a terrible time accepting this. I am not certain as to why. It is what we eat, not who we are, but it does not make people less judgemental. It would be easier to tell my family that I am gay, than I am vegan. Sad, isn’t it?

Anyway, I will share the results of my appointment, and what she said to me. I am hoping it is enlightening, I am pretty sure it will be. This is the first time seeing a nutritionist and not a doctor for a health issue! I might be on my way to a complete naturalistic lifestyle! Just fulfilling my self-made prophecy of becoming a child of the earth… which we all are, just that I will accept it a little easier.

Stay sweet!  Peace!  Ha Ha!


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