Back to Basics

8 Jul

I know that I have covered alot of things in these last 34 posts I have published. The name is Cakes and Kids, so I will go back and talk about just that! My kids have grown so much over the past 4 years! My youngest is now 5 and my oldest is now 7! It seems like just yesterday that Morley was a baby! But in the same breath, it seems like so long ago! Time goes by too fast when you have children! In the blink of an eye they grow and you wonder, where did all the time go?

My youngest, Adam, he used to have beautiful curly blonde hair and was so quiet and shy! He is still pretty shy, but man oh man is he loud now! At home mostly!IMG_5429IMG_7329

Here is comparison of what a difference 2 years can make! He looks a little different than this still, the bath picture was taken last year!

His eyes are just this piercing blue…I’m afraid he will have the girls chasing him! He is very artsy and musical. He also does not like anyone to know how smart he actually is! We are practising writing and reading, so  at bed time I read to him and I have him read to me. He reads every word on the page and then after one page he is done! He gets very bashful when we express how proud we are of him! But you can tell how proud he is as well! He can sing a song after hearing it once, he knows the rhythm and carries a tune! He is quite the painter as well! It’s very hard to stop him from colouring on every surface in the house. We have had our fair share of coloured walls! It seems that he got the best of both my husband and I. I am very artsy and visual, my husband is very musical.235

My oldest son, it seems as though he is changing everyday. He is such a lovely person. He is sensitive, smart, funny and caring. He is very inquisitive and will not let things go until he knows it all. He can tell you the layers of the earth, the planets, math equations and he is going into grade 2.IMG_5362 Reading at a 5th grade level already, he likes to tellIMG_7332 people how he picked up a book by George Orwell and read the first chapter to his father and I when he was 4! Smarty Mc Smarty pants he is! And we couldn’t be prouder! I don’t want it going to his head, and for him to think that he is smarter than everyone(sometimes it happens), so I keep him grounded and make sure that he is polite and thoughtful of everyone around him. More than once I have given him a speech about how his words and actions effect everyone around him! We are constantly teaching him, my husband and I love words, and I love grammar and spelling. Word games are my favourite! He gets it all honestly, with hard work in there!252

My boys, my boys! I love my boys! We are incomplete without each other! I would forget how to breathe without them! And they look so darn much like me! Ha ha!

I miss the baby days when they would fall asleep in my arms and cuddle for longer than a minute! But I love who they are growing into. Both loving little boys with bright futures! I must be doing something right, even though, like every mother, I question myself every day. I feel the never ending guilt that comes with giving birth! As soon as they came out I was feeling guilty that the world wasn’t perfect enough for them to live in! They deserve everything.



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