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Fresh & Clean

16 Jun

So, it has been about 3 months in the brand new location and I can tell you that I am so happy! My staff is happier as well! Like a breath of fresh air has been taken in by the whole business.breathing clean We cleared out our lungs of all the negativity surrounding the other location and now we are breathing clean! My staff are more efficient, we are more cokelike family than we ever were! 

We can now offer more for our customers, I just brought in a fancy retro Coca-Cola cooler with glass
bottled pop, juice and water, we make coffee and tea and there is seating! It’s Awesome! Fresh bread on Fridays and more baked goods every day.

It has also relaxed me a little bit more. There is no landlord that is in my back pocket and right behind me at every turn. There are windows that open and I finally have an office. Mind you, its a very tiny little piece of space, but it is mine and I can get things done! What a relief! I still stress, like every  business owner, but now I can focus on things in an even manner.  It’s more balanced for me. I am also getting the manager more on board with….. that’s right….managing! So many places are undermanaged its ridiculous! And I know that my place was no exception! It makes it hard for the manager to do her job when I am always here to butt in and take the lead. I know now that I was not allowing her to work to her full potential. So, now on Thursdays and Fridays, I put on my headphones and listen to classical music while working. This relaxes me in such a way that I can decorate cakes more efficiently. I am telling my staff what is going on, that Shanna is in training, and they can come to me for some things, just not every thing. Shanna has to be the go-to person for most. I see her improvement already. She is doing much better now that I am more out of the way.

I am so proud of everything and everyone! My shop, my employees, and all that entails.

My home life is awesome too! What more could I want? Besides someone to do my laundry for me!!? My  hubby is great with the kids and he makes all the meals as well! I do cook, but he always takes the lead at home and I never have to do it! I would definitely be up a creek if he stopped! That is what he does for a living as well….so I tell myself that he is more qualified anyway! That is my way of not feeling as guilty! ha ha!

My kids are so big now! 5 and 7! And so smart! Geez! My 7 year old is a little genius! He soaks information like a sponge and he is witty. We laugh at him all the time….this is his choosing. We dont just point and laugh! ha ha! He does some pretty strange things! Dancing crazy and just acting! What a ham!  My little guy is 5 now and he is starting to read well. He does not like to show us how smart he is though. He could read a book to me at his bed time, but he won’t. We will get half way through the book with him reading it to me, then he gets embarrassed and stops. He is naturally shy, but I’m his mommy!

My family and I just made a major change in our home as well, we became Vegan!vegan Oooohhh no! What do we eat? How do we do it? What about protein? All of this has been said to us…… I just tell people that we did our research and it is what we choose. I don’t preach to people, but I answer questions when they are posed to me. I get alot of negative responses. I am not sure why. We aren’t hurting anyone, we are healthy and we are concerned with our childrens health as well. We try to go non gmo as much as we can. Part of the Fresh and Clean!

That’s is a subject”for another day though!