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A Breath of Life

5 Mar

So, again, I have let a lot of time drift by before blogging again. Life is busy! The bakery has now moved location! I am terribly excited about this move. The location is better, I have a lot of other business neighbours who have welcomed me with open arms. We have a larger store front, which is major. I needed somewhere to grow and expand, somewhere my patrons can sit and relax, bring their children and not have to worry about staying out of things or not touching. Its truly a child friendly place, which is just as charming to the older crowd as well!

I have gone through some staff changes, re-hires, as all places do! I still have the manager, Shanna. Sam, my lovely little baker is coming back as well. This makes me very happy. We all get along so well and we all perform our jobs very well.

I will update soon when I have some pictures

Until then, Stay sweet!