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Building My Dream!

6 Mar

So, for the past three to four months I have been busy learning! Learning how to be a business woman, and actually accepting the fact that I am one. The driver’s seat is where I have always been when it comes to my business, but now, I am waving to everyone as I drive by!

wave  Showing myself has been a transition, it takes getting used to. Taking the future into my own hands and not waiting for people to come to me, I am now searching to be seen. I go out and try to become an active member of society. The change didn’t come gradually either, it seems that it just clicked…..finally!

I have a passion for helping people and making people happy, and I am finding the most excellent way to do so, which is through my business! It also became easier for me to go out and have more confidence after I  joined my networking group! This group of ladies from all different careers has really helped me learn more about myself, my business and how to have a relationship with my business (if that makes sense!).  I am learning more all of the time, and I love it!

There are so many hats that I have to wear everyday, that sometimes I forget which one I have on. It really is a juggling act!  hats

A juggling act which I am kind of learning to add more hats to! I am learning more about finances and budget, and how to organize these things, which will make things so much easier! I feel a little relief every time that I learn something new. Like pieces of a puzzle coming together. I know that I will never learn it all, but little by little, it’s coming together!

Overall, I am proud, I am involved, and I am working to make my dream a reality and within my reach.

My hope is that everyone that has started their own business from a talent, without the training and education in business can leap over their own boundaries and see the full view of what is possible! Hard work, paying attention and listening to those who will share with me how they achieve their own success has helped me so much.

For those of you who have shared with me and supported me, I thank you!  I can only hope to touch your lives the way you have touched mine.