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A New Year!

29 Dec

aIn March of 2013 will be our 2nd year anniversary! Whew! We did it….2 years as a small business and our doors aren’t closed! That is quite a feat in this economy! It hasn’t been easy, and it won’t be for a while either. Running your own business isn’t quite as easy as I had imagined, this is due to all of the things that were not thought of…..mostly the government! Ha! Ha! (major eye roll).

But on a lighter note, I have acquired a new staff, as I mentioned before! I still have my tried and true manager; Shanna Weinberger, and now I have hired on one of my co-op students Carissa Smith, whom I call “Rissy Pants”! She is a slip of a girl, pale in complexion, soft spoken and shy. She listens to EVERYTHING that I say! She listens and retains all the information put forth in front of her! She is so wonderful, she is eager to please and wants to do her job at a 125% level!

This is the best representative of Carissa without an actual picture of her! So cute!

This is the best representative of Carissa without an actual picture of her! So cute!

It’s pretty impressive for an 18 year old girl! And, apparently, she has come a long way! She had some schooling issues, but she put herself back in the game and is working hard to better herself and become who she wants to be.  Aw, Rissy….she could be an inspiration for all young uninspired, uncaring teens. Stand up, and do something!

Sam wears the cutest aprons imaginable! She is so Suzy Homemaker! Too adorable! She gives good hugs too!

Then we have Samantha (Sam) Hedges! She too, is loved by me! WAY too cute for her own good! Ha! Ha! I like to give everyone a nickname, Sam has a couple from me! There is Samboni, and the one she hates…. Sammy Nicky! Ha! Ha! Let me tell you, this girl is 23 years old and has her head on straight! She has an education behind her. This is why she is my baker. She knows the difference between AP flour and Cake Flour. Baking is a science, and not everyone can do it, or wants to do it! Some people are lucky to be inspired by it and like to try things….. this is Sam! She appreciates a good frosting swirl on a cupcake, she has that perfectionism that a great baker should have. She knows that not only is it the taste and texture of a great baked good, but also the visual aspect. It has too just look pretty! She does have a little OCD, which is mostly endearing! Ha! Ha! We all love her! A true kid at heart, and does not take herself too seriously! She fits right in!

These girls are my family away from my home. And when hiring people, you can`t be too careful. We work in close quarters, we have to get along! And we do! I am VERY lucky for Shanna, Carissa and Sam!

I am hoping that 2013 will open some new doors for BMaC! We have expanded our roster of baked goods now. Not only do we bake cupcakes and cakes, but we also make cookies, brownies and squares, muffins, mini loaves, etc. I am hoping to advertise in the coming year for all of these baked goods. I would also love to get into breads. That is a while yet to come though!  I would love to make bread! The bakery smells so good now, I can only imagine how good it would smell with fresh baked bread! Oh!

Dreams  will come! As long as I am focused and determined and smart…… I can do it! My children will grow up seeing their mother work hard and hopefully they will take that in and work hard when they are grown. That is how I learned…… from my mother!

So, CHEERS! Here`s to dreams, Here`s to loving what you do, and Here`s to success!

Happy New Year everyone!a1