The Education of it All

18 Sep

  I have a five year old, and a three year old. My children are polar opposites of each other, which, I am sure is a common thing with siblings. My five year old is very advanced with reading, he does crossword puzzles for fun and likes to be read science books for bedtime. I was reading him a story before bed one time and he was looking through a book while I was reading… was the Atlas! No kidding. I think his future will be bright, as long as he can keep that curiosity going, wanting to learn things and being interested like he is now.

My other son, the three year old, is quite different. He is more introverted, and he watches things and repeats them. He is sneaky in a way, and really good at being quiet and making trouble. He is just starting to like being read to, but he prefers cartoons. He has his comfort zone, which is home, and he likes to stay there. Even if I make a trip to the grocery store with him, he always asks when we are going home. I am trying to get him out of his shyness and introduce him to an environment with more children than just his brother.

I know that my children are pretty normal, each child develops differently, but I still can’t help but worry about their education. First of all, my oldest, he learns quickly and gets bored easily, so I am wondering if the teachers notice this and introduce new things to him regularly. I know there is specific curriculum required for certain age groups to learn, but what if he needs more? I am trying my best to introduce new things to him all the time, getting new library books and feeding into his hunger for knowledge, but I am just flying by the seat of my pants. Should I have a method for this? Am I showing and teaching him things that are out of his range of understanding? What do I show him and how in depth can I go before he turns his nose up at this subject?                                                                                                       

This might seem like I am thinking too much and really going overboard, but I am concerned. I know we have a good education system and my son’s school is very good, but things get lost. When a teacher and a T.A. are with a class of 25 kids, I am sure things get lost in the mix. And, as every good parent does, they want the best for their children. I don’t want my son to just learn what he is taught in school, he needs to experience things and see them first hand. Every child learns in a different way, and I think that by trying to categorize learning abilities, we are hindering the childs thought process and full capability to grow.  I know, that seems very opinionated, I am not knocking the school system….I am just thinking that maybe we should grow and let the kids teach us and guide us on how they are to be taught. Times have changed.

At the shop, I am teaching 4 co-0p students. I would like them all to learn at their own speed and learn things that they want to know. When I interview them, I tell them, even though this is like a first experience in the workforce, I am still their teacher and they have to let me know if they are loving what they are doing or not. I like them to be vocal and to guide me to what they need. They kind of take the reigns with their education, and I provide them with the experience and knowledge. I want every one of my students to succeed.

If I were to go back to school now, not only would I love it, but I would work really hard! Education is key! I believe that as adults, we should be concerned and involved in not only our own childs education, but every child.


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