Life in the Bakery!

29 Aug

I love my little shop! It’s just a little contribution to the growing downtown of Sarnia, and I feel greatful to be here every day! We have our bumps and daily trials, but that is what makes us real. A real, family owned company, really living in the community, really shopping in the community and enjoying life. The girls I employ are a second family, and I love them all. Of course, one is already family (my neice), but she is one of my closest friends as well. We know each others quirks and we are open with how we feel. I find that a good thing…..I don’t care if they need to get something off their chest, I tell them all just to say it. Or, just cry if you need to. Sometimes cake can be a son-of-a-gun and just doesn’t want to work for you, and that can get you so mad that you cry! I say….CRY! Or laugh, depending on your personality!

We all have fun here, I thrive on hard work and honesty. Some people might think it is too emotional, but I think that you have to deal with your emotions bef0re you can do anything about it. I welcome the girls to let me know if they have a problem. I can be there for them. And I will.

You would not believe how stressed out we can all get over cake and cupcakes! Our hours are long….we do not leave until we are finished. Sometimes on a Friday, I can be at the bakery from 5 am until 10pm, and still have a bunch of things to finish for the morning. This is why I miss my kids all the time! My son cried the other day because he misses me. It’s very hard running your own business. But we live through it.

I love the fact that I have staff that are totally committed to the business. My manager, Shanna, she gets it. She understands that we have jobs to do and it has to be done right, and problems have to be fixed. She is becoming almost as committed as I am. I am very proud of her for this. This means she cares. If I have learned one thing, it’s that I need to get staff that care about what they are doing, and people that are not afraid of hard work. It all pays off in the end.

Deliveries! Ha!Ha!Ha!   We love the delivery people! We are always happy to see them, and they always get rewarded with a cupcake! We have about 5-6 companies that deliver, and I have never seen a frown on anyone! We treat them all like family! And, it doesn’t help that some of them are pretty cute! I am married, but I can still see what’s in front of me! Ha! Ha!We have some pretty awesome companies that we deal with, and I personally love Noppens Poultry Farms, this is a local company, family owned that brings us our eggs that are used in our cakes. Local is awesome and Noppens is the tops. The owners make the deliveries and they even stop in the shop when we haven’t ordered just to make sure we are okay! That is the kind of service you just don’t get from big box corporations. The secret is service!


Parties!  I usually have about 2 parties each year for my staff. One is in the summer, and it’s an appreciation BBQ for all of them. I host it at my home with my family and I invite my girls and their families. We have a BBQ, and I provide drinks for everyone. Also, anyone who would not like to drive, is welcome to stay at my house. I love to entertain and to make people happy. I love my staff and I want them to know it. We also have a Christmas party. This is just the girls at my house and we make supper together and play games, drink and be merry. We do a gift exchange as well. Its pretty fun, I love Christmas so much, I have 3 Christmas trees in my house. My husband has given up! 🙂 My kids love it though!

 I am starting to get into more holidays, the shop has really gotten me into that. We have to decorate the windows for every season, and decorate cakes to follow the themes as well. Autumn is one of my favourites for the colours. And, Spring is the other favourite! It’s so fun to shop for all of these accessories. Sometimes it is a chore and is hard to decide the perfect look for the season. Whether we go with traditional, modern, eclectic, etc. That really has an effect on the style of cake that I put in the window! I am reminded that I need to do that soon as well!





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