Lifestyle Change

22 Aug

Well, it has been quite a while, but I have decided to start doing the things that I always wish I could do or that I had time for. This is my new lifestyle. Life is too short for “what if’s”  and the common thought of …I would if I had the time! I decided to start making the time. My life of cakes and kids had really put my health on the back burner……which ended up in some major weight gain, and some very early bed times with a feeling of unrest in the morning. And  being a normal female, I was constantly jealous of thinner women who look great in a potato sack! I wanted to be one of those women, I wanted the energy, and I wanted to be super mom and super boss. My mind was playing tricks on me in the sense that I thought I could never have these things.
One day while watching my kids play outside, my heart twinged with guilt that I wasn’t getting up and playing with them. This is when I put my ass into gear. I bought a book called The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper (the trainer from the Biggest Loser) and I read it all in one day, the next day my lifestyle had completely changed. My bout of no self worth and laziness. My kids aren’t getting any benefit from me if I am tired all the time and my eating habits aren’t healthy. As of July 1st, I changed. After reading the book, I joined the gym, bought some workout clothes….I thought, if I spend the money for the clothes, I am totally commited. And now I am on a roll.

My first thing after the membership and the clothes was shoes. I decided to buy a pair of good shoes, which cost more than what you would find at Payless, but it is worth it. What do you use more than your feet? I did have plantar fasciitis, after using good shoes for a month, it is totally gone.

I joined On Edge Fitness and this club is exactly what I wanted! It is close to my home and work, and it is comfortable. The members are there to get fit and healthy, not to gossip and judge. All the staff are nice and helpful and they are constantly trying to please the members with classes, and asking what they want. It is not over crowded….which I love. I feel like I can ask any other members a question if I need to. It is also open 24-7 for members with a card. I go after my kids are in bed, that way I don’t lose any time with them.

Since changing the way I eat, and exercise regularly, my outlook on life has changed and so has my waistline. I have lost 30 pounds to date and I am trying to lose another 70. I will be thin, I will be in the greatest shape ever for my children. I will play outside with my kids. We will go for walks, and I will race them down the block. I will no longer say no to any physical activity. I will get enough rest and I will put my health first, because if I don’t, who is going to be there for my kids?

I am getting healthy, and I love it!!!


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