Weddings 2011

30 Jan

Well, it was my first year with the shop open, everything was new (alot still is)! But the first year being open and doing wedding cakes…..different ballgame altogether! First, I have help! HA! Second, the shop is not air conditioned! Boo! This really can slow things down, and to be honest…. it really sucks! And, I don’t care how many bakers and cake decorators you know…there HAS to be at least one cake that gives you as many problems as you can handle, and sometimes more! UGH! I have a special name for these cakes, which I won’t say……there could be young eyes reading this! Ha! ha!

This cupcake cake is one of my favourites of 2011! It had a real whimsical feel to it, lots of candy and bubblegum flavours. I also did cake truffles for this wedding as well. My first time making these for a wedding. I think they turned out pretty good!

My second favourite wedding cake of the year is very simple, but it says alot! All ivory, round tiered cake with one tier covered in fondant flowers.

         The ivory wedding cake was inspired by another cake artist. The bride brought in a picture of this particular cake, so I replicated it for her.

If I had the cake artist’s name, I would post it and the original picture of the cake.  The fondant flowers took a good 5 hours to make, then dry time for them so they aren’t flimsy when they are put on the cake. I have done alot of cakes with more colour, and different shapes, but this one really gets me every time I see it. It’s got to be the flowers!

This one is another favourite, I sketched out this cake before I opened the shop! A man came into the shop and ordered a three tiered cake to propose to his girlfriend! He wanted it to look nice, and big and didnt have a preference, just to colours and such….this gave me the perfect opportunity to make my sketch into reality! It’s really very exciting! Usually cakes like this are a collaboration between the client and the cake artist. Not very often do I get free reign….some people get scared! Ha! Ha!

So, even though this is not a wedding cake, I put it in the category because of the design!

The cake pictures below are wedding cakes that I have done in 2011. It isn’t all of them though! It makes me excited to do this again next year and see how trends have changed again, with colours and shapes and such!
























I will post more at a later time, my kids are needing me! And by the title of my blog, you know! ha! ha! Kids come first! Until a later date!!! Stay sweet!





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