My Little Girl!!

29 Jan

Now that I am all “professional” and everything (sounds weird!) I took on a Co-op student! I think if I were to go back and do things properly when I was younger, I probably would have been a teacher! I love the thought that I could potentially increase the usage of someone else’s brain mass! Ha ha!! In all seriousness, I really love to teach people new things. I am always introducing new words to my girls at the shop! It gives me gratification even more when they actually use the word! You would think that I get enough of that with having an almost 5 year old and an almost 3 year old! But, it never gets old!

Anyways, I am rambling! So, I took on a Co-0p student! Her name is Amelia, we call her Mi-Mi, and she is so adorable and her brain is a sponge! You cannot help but fall in love with her! The epitome of a teenage girl, she loves EVERYTHING girly! The more pink the better, shopping, nail polish…..did I mention shopping? But she is very focused! This girl is seriously smart! I wish I had as much drive at this age as she does! And I know that her parents are proud! I can see it in her mother’s face! An all around good girl, no sarcasm in that either! So, this picture is of her first display cake that she made. Her first fondant cake! She did pretty good too! It is still on display at the shop! I had someone in the shop today make a comment on it, and I told her that my 17 year old co-0p student made it…..”much talent”  she said! Mi-Mi has so much drive for what she wants in life, that she is coming back for another semester! My girls and I are looking forward to another 4-5 months with her! There is still alot to learn in the cake business, and she is willing!

We are so proud of her! Isn’t she as cute as a button? Seriously! My first experience being a mentor for the co-op program was wonderful. I really enjoyed the teaching aspect of it, and I even made her a little folder and wrote down things that she learned by the day…it was pretty fun! I dont think I am on the path for any more serious mentoring, for college or anything right yet, but starting with a high school program is good enough for me right now. There is alot to juggle….especially with birthdays and wedding season coming up! There is another subject entirely!

I will try to be back soon….in days or weeks, not months!


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