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Time Flies!

9 Nov

I can’t believe that we are 5 months away from our first year anniversary! It has been very fun and rewarding so far! I love being able to talk to people every day and just making them happy with a little something sweet!
It has been quite a task getting used to my full time work life and being a mother/wife as well. I know, women do it every day, all of the time……I just hadn’t been working out of the house for about 3 years! You get super attached to being with your children, and being in your home after that long of being there for everything!
Now, my oldest is in school and my baby isn’t quite a baby anymore! He is in the terrible two’s and testing out everything. Curiousity and Exploration…..especially with anything that will make a huge MESS!!! Many days I have found him with marker (washable) all over his arms and legs!
I am really loving it all! I still get lots of hugs and kisses, and I will cherish every one of them, because I know it won’t last long! They will soon be too cool or too old for all the hugs and kisses!
At the shop, we are also a family! I love them like they were blood, and one of them is! My assistant manager is great and she does her job well, and my head fondant decorator is super talented with her sculpting!
I must be off now….the kids are into something! 😮