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The New Shop!

18 Apr

Well, its been a while since I posted a blog! This is because I was preparing to open a new cake/cupcake shop! And I did it! Alot of hard work and missing my kids, but I am now on the map! Its so cute in the shop too! The building was an old fish and chip place….but dont worry, no fishy smell is left in the place! We got rid of that!

Bake Me A Cake 145 Davis St. Sarnia
In this display, which I had special made by an awesome
carpentar, is 10 different flavours of cupcakes. Which holds about 192 cupcakes! The top shelf holds my everyday cupcakes, which are….BMaC Original, french vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and a cherry on top. Next is the Brown & White, which is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles. The White Coconutty, white cake with coconut frosting with coconut on top. Princess, white cake with pink vanilla frosting, sugar sprinkles and a pink fondant flower. Party Cake, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. The next row of cupcakes holds another 5 flavours and these flavours change everyday! All in all, I have 42 flavours of cupcakes. I usually post on my Facebook group “Bake Me A Cake” the flavours that I will have on the next day. Everytime you come in, there is a different flavour!
I am working on a schedule to accomodate making cookies as well, and cake truffles.
I have now been open for one month, and I have gotten a really warm response from the community! I would love to thank everyone who has supported my venture and everyone who has a hankering for cupcakes! LOL
I hope I can keep up on the blog so you can all see how it is going!
I miss my kids and my husband, I went from 7 days a week, with my kids, to 2 days and the time after work.
But, it will be worth it for my kids future!
Dream of cupcakes!