It’s All About…..Me??

25 Oct

So, after about a 2 week rest from blogging…I am back! And I can tell you, I have been very busy. And it is just going to get busier! I am trying to get all my ducks in row to open a shop. Hopefully I will be opening in February, or sooner. It’s the whole waiting game. Waiting for people to get things done or moved, or waiting for money, and time! While I am waiting, I am planning, and calling people and travelling around trying to find appliances and supplies!

All of this, and trying to keep the kids, house, husband and finances in order! Geez! My brain is totally fried! I am also trying to organize the office end of things and figuring out better systems to keep everything organized and handy when I need to look something up. So, flooring has to be done, appliances need to be bought and delivered and set up, painting needs to happen, I need to get a bunch of papers, and I can’t really do anything until some big things are moved out. Then I can lay down the flooring and then I can bring in some equipment, then I can get some stuff done! I am already approved from the health dept., but they will have to approve it later as well, before I open. And, I am sorry, but the health department feels like when you are driving down the road and a cop is driving behind you, but you arent doing anything wrong, you still feel nervous and guilty! ha! ha! I think this is normal!?

I have to do my baking on a day when I also have to take my son to a music class. I get to relax on Sunday’s and Monday’s. But even then, there is no relaxing going on! Take today for instance. My 17 month old is being a real crank lately, he is getting in 3 teeth, one of which is a molar, and he is holding his ears alot. He has a little rash around his mouth and he is drinking liquids like crazy. So, I think, yes, he is teething, but he might have an ear infection too! So, at 10 am, I have someone coming to the shop to measure for flooring. Half hour later, I am expecting a representative from the company that I am going to buy appliances from to measure. I have the kids with me. Then, I had to take the kids to my family doctor, who is in another town 45 minutes away. While I am there, I visit some family. By the time I get home, I have to shove dinner in the oven. The kids don’t eat supper until 7pm, and bathed right after that! Don’t read into this, the kids ate all day long! I just felt bad for them having supper at their regular bath time!

So, can I take a day and get my nails done? NO.  First of all….nails? With the amount of fondant I have to work with and buttercream icing, and cake, there is no room for fancy nails! I would love to have a manicure, but it just isn’t logical for me. Can I get a pedicure? NO. Oh, how I love a pedicure! It just feels good! I hate my feet, I think they are the ugliest things on the face of the earth, but I love them after a pedicure! ha! ha! Now, I do get my hair done. It takes about 6 months to go see my love! My one and only genius of the mop! Blair! Ah, Blair! I love when you touch my hair! ha! ha! THE greatest head massage you will ever have! AND, he can just stand there and look at you and make you feel great! Blair Cuts.

I don’t want to do a ton of complaining, because all of this work and headaching, is making my dream come true. Even though it feels like it is taking forever! I have been doing this for 3 years now, and a shop at this point is a major plus for me and my family!

But, there is no time for me! I better get used to it!


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