Giving Thanks!

9 Oct

Random Photo....not my creation!

Well, all the cakes are finished for the weekend and I am looking forward to spending some much needed down time for Thanksgiving. Although, I did have to work hard to prepare! After baking and decorating the cakes for the business, I had to bake for Thanksgiving. My first pumpkin pie! My mom’s pastry recipe…yum! And, some buttertarts! Sometimes I do enjoy baking things other than cakes! Since I don’t do it as much, it’s something different and relaxing! I also get to see people’s reactions to my baking when I do it for family, which is always a highlight!

I am thinking of my baking schedule for the bakery when it opens, and feel free to comment on these thoughts, as to what you would like to see or taste! So, I am thinking of having a schedule of different flavoured cupcakes on given days, for example, say on a Tuesday I will have lemon cupcakes with lime buttercream, chocolate cupcakes with coconut buttercream…etc. I am thinking of maybe making one day a week to feature buttertarts as well. So that in routine, my patrons will know which flavours to expect on which days. I want to have a load of different flavoured cupcakes, however, baking 20 different flavours each day will not be easy. This is why I am thinking of the schedule. Let me know if you like!                                                         

So, on a totally different topic! I was taking a break today, just sitting outside and trying to wind down…. my hubby was bathing my youngest and I was enjoying a little bit of quiet. I looked up at the clouds(the little that I can see from my porch), and tried to relax all of my back muscles and just feel myself and listen to my thoughts. This lasted for all of 3 minutes until my oldest came out and started talking and not listening….bath time! Then, I just deserted my moment and went inside to get him into the tub (which never happened and was shifted to bed time early…ahem….3 years old!). But, I was a little disappointed that my moment couldn’t have lasted at least 5 minutes more! This is when I thought…..I am so greatful that I am not a single parent! Greatful that I have a husband that will do things around the house and help with the kids! I have to give him some real credit here…. he has started doing laundry! AND….folding! YAY! This, also, I am extremely greatful for!

And, while I am busy today, I received more phone calls from my friends than I have on any other given day! And, at first I thought…what is going on? Why is everyone calling today? My busy day? Then, I sat down and thought…..I am greatful for this! I am so lucky to have good friends, friends that need something, friends that give something, friends that lend me their ear, friends that need my ear, or shoulder, or thoughts. I had a great day today, busy, crazy, but great! My husband went out today and took our oldest son to run an errand, and I had some nice time alone with Adam, our youngest. Snuggle time, tickle time, loving time. This I enjoyed more than I can explain! The feeling of loving someone that you created, someone who loves you and needs you, smiling and hugging you….that is the greatest feeling and the most rewarding! Also, one of my greatest pleasures is seeing my parents with my kids! My parents….rural…. believe in simplicity and working hard for what they have, they live not only for themselves, they take trips and enjoy life everyday, but they also live for me and my family. While grocery shopping, they see something that the boys would like, so they buy it for next time we come over! They think of us everyday! My dad will call maybe once a week to see how the boys are and what is going on. Making sure everyone is happy, healthy and safe! Missing his grandkids!

If I see Morley(our oldest), pretending to talk on the phone to someone that he knows, I listen to his conversation, then I actually call the person he was pretending to talk to so that he can really talk to them. Most of the time it is my parents or my cousin, but this makes his day. And usually it makes my parents day as well! These little things, little moments are special. The look that Morley gets on his face when he hears the person he wants to talk to on the other line is precious! It’s surprise and greatfulness!  He loves his grandparents! He will go there for an overnight visit, and he does not want to come home! He ends up calling me grandma for the next 2 days! Which is pretty funny!  When it comes down to it, we are all little ants in a big universe, and we all have something to be greatful for! It’s nice, especially when you are down and out and look at things on the other side. Think of all the things that could be worse, be glad that we are here, glad that you have a roof over your head, or food in your stomach, or even clothes on your back. I am greatful for all of the above and more. My children are the most important people to me in my life, and I don’t think that will ever change. For that, I am greatful.  I want to thank you for sharing this with me, and for reading my thoughts, however obscure and all-over-the-place  they are! Please, this season, give thanks! Give thanks everyday! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


One Response to “Giving Thanks!”

  1. alreadyredeemed October 14, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

    I think your cupcake schedule is perfect!! I love that! What a great idea…

    I love all of the things you’re thankful for. I love reading about your kids, and relating, and I TOTALLY relate to being thankful for a husband, especially the kind of strange breed of hands-on-with-the-parenting kinds of hubbies we have. We are blessed ladies!

    I love you and I appreciate you and you know all that, but I’ll still keep saying it just in case you need to hear it!! xo


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