4 Oct

I am opening a cake/cupcake shop. I have done research, and I have been dreaming of this for about 2 years now! The time is now….it must be done! I have my location, I have some of the means, and I have more than enough drive! Now, I just have to do little by little to get it up and running! This, is always in my mind and for the last week, it has just been revolving in my head, making me spin. The anticipation to get started is insane. It’s been a long time coming and now that it is just within reach, I am more than eager, with tons of ideas and expectations!

The anticipation is so bad, that I can just lay down for a minute and feel exhausted, but have a humming feeling through my veins. It’s like I just drank a pot of coffee, but I feel tired. Does that make any sense whatsoever? Anyway, there are so many things that have to be done, people to be called, suppliers lined up, things to buy…’s alot! But, I am determined to do this and make it work, and hopefully it will be a success! There is no accounting for the guilt that I will feel, starting to work 5 days a week again. I quit my other job 2 months after I went back from Maternity leave after my first son was born. I thought it was hard then, leaving him to be with a babysitter for 3 days a week. This time there is 2 little ones, and I will be gone 5 days a week. It might be good for me though, and for them! I know kids need interaction with other children, learn discipline from others and to get along with other kids. This is what others tell me, but you know the feeling in your heart when you have to leave your children. That…..guilt. But I think that the kids don’t miss the parents as much as we think that they do! It’s more the parents feelings than the kids I think! Either way, it’s a sucky feeling (for lack of a better description!) ha!

So, I am working with a really close friend for the design and some logo design and such, which is really exciting! This girl has so much talent! Seriously! I hope all of you who come into the shop (when its done) will just say “Ahhhh, what a cute little place!” I want it to be modern, yet have some older elements. Cherry and sweet, just like a cupcake!

So many things have to be done! Flooring, paint, storage, appliances bought, displays made, etc. All from the bottom up! Thank you in advance to everyone who is giving me advice, helping me find my suppliers, and giving me true and honest opinions! I love you all!


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